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GUIDE: Mandaluyong Business Permit Requirements

guide mandaluyong business permit requirements

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Every year, enterprises are mandated by law to renew their business or mayor’s permits. They must comply with various permit requirements for their renewal. In this article, you are guided on the breakdown of the Mandaluyong business permit renewal 2024. 

How Can I Get a Business Permit in Mandaluyong?

Businesses in Mandaluyong City need to provide a list of documents to renew their mayor’s permit every year.  Every business needs to present two copies of the following, both original for verification purposes and a photocopy for filing:

  • Latest/previous mayor’s permit
  • Barangay clearance for the current year
  • Income tax return (ITR) for the year
  • Financial statement of the year
  • Official receipts of payments for verification
  • Community tax certificate or cedula for the year
  • VAT returns of the year

Additional Requirements

To successfully renew their mayor’s permit, businesses must also provide the following documents according to their industry:

Line of BusinessAdditional Requirements
Barber Shop (Number of chairs: ____)Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) stamped “Registered” by the Health Department
Beauty Parlor/Skin Care ClinicMemorandum of Agreement (MOA) stamped “Registered” by the Health Department
Beer Garden and the likeMemorandum of Agreement (MOA) Stamped “Registered” by the Health Department and Anti-Vice
Billiard Halls (Number of tables: ____)Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)
Cable InstallersMemorandum of Agreement (MOA)
Clinical Laboratories/Rehab CentersMemorandum of Agreement (MOA) Stamped “Registered” by the Health Department
Computer Shop (Number of Units: ____)Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) Picture of Establishment with “NO PIC GAMING” signage posted (if applicable)
Eateries/Restaurants and the likeMemorandum of Agreement (MOA) Stamped “Registered” by the Health Department
FabricatorsMemorandum of Agreement (MOA)
Gasoline StationMemorandum of Agreement (MOA) to declare Flammables, Volume capacity
Junk ShopsMemorandum of Agreement (MOA) WaiverCurrent photo to show compliance to MOA conditions regarding orderliness
Lessors: [ ] Commercial [ ] Residential [ ] If building, number of stories: ____Number of units for rent: ____Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)
LPG DealersFire Department Clearance
ManufacturersMemorandum of Agreement (MOA) Stamped “Registered” by the Health Department
Massage Parlor/Therapeutic and Reflexology ClinicsMemorandum of Agreement (MOA) Stamped “Registered” by the Health Department
Motor Shops/Repair Shops/Car WashMemorandum of Agreement (MOA)Waiver
NightclubsMemorandum of Agreement (MOA) Stamped “Registered” by the Health Department
OTB/Betting Station (Number of stations: ___)Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)Income Certificate from MJC or PRCI
Sari-sari StoreMemorandum of Agreement (MOA)
Soft Drinks and Beer DealerMemorandum of Agreement (MOA)
Tailoring/Dress Shop (Number of machines: ___)
Tennis Court and the like (Number of courts: ___)
Towing ServiceWaiver
Vending Machines (Number of units:___)
WarehousesMemorandum of Agreement (MOA)State contents of warehouseWhere income is located
Water Refilling StationMemorandum of Agreement (MOA)Certificate of Bacterial Test
Xerox/Copying (Number of units: ___)

An establishment with over twenty employees must secure an Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

Moreover, businesses with changes in address or ownership must be clearly stated and declared on the Application Form and Letter of Request.

What Month is the Renewal for Business Permit Renewals?

Mandaluyong business permit renewal 2024 gives individuals the opportunity to renew their mayor’s permits every year from January 1 through January 20. Every enterprise must renew their permits regardless of their registration date with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), or Cooperative Development Authority (CDA).

How Can I Get a Business Permit in Mandaluyong City?

Organizations renewing their mayor’s permits in Mandaluyong City Hall must take note of the following steps:

  1. Submit duly accomplished and notarized business application for renewal form with required documents
  2. Food businesses and other organizations requiring an ECC are to submit their application forms registered and stamped at the City Health Office
  3. Register with the Engineering Department for stamping and possible fee reassessment
  4. Regulated businesses like amusement parks and gaming enterprises must submit a duly notarized MOA approved by the license chief and the Task Force Anti-Vice
  5. Present the application to the designated City Hall personnel for checking and assessment of corresponding taxes based on the declared sales
  6. The application is then forwarded to a designated examiner for assessment who verifies the attached documents and affixes their signature if complete
  7. Application is forwarded to the BPLD chief for a last review and approval
  8. Once the application is approved, it is then sent to the EDP Section for Tax Order of Payment (TOP) billing
  9. Applicant must acquire a separate order of payment for the Fire Department’s fire assessment fee and pay it separately with the leftover net payable at the City Treasurer’s Office
  10. The applicant must return to the Business Permits and Licensing Office to present the paid TOP with all Official Receipts of the fire fee and business permit fee to the Records Section and claim the digitized Mayor’s Permit
  11. Claiming of license plate and sticker

How Do I Pay for a Business Permit Renewal 2024?

A renewal varies depending on the city in the Philippines. Applicants must pay for the Mandaluyong business permit renewal for the year 2024 within the City Hall. They can also pay to required departments, as discussed earlier in the process.

How Much Does it Cost to Renew a Business in the Philippines?

The cost to renew a business permit in the Philippines generally varies per city and its other documentary requirements. However, it costs five hundred Philippine pesos on average.

Final Thoughts

The Mandaluyong local government unit provides comprehensive business permit requirements and process guides. Thus, business organizations must renew their mayor’s permits at the beginning of the year to continue a seamless business operation. However, Mandaluyong has not extended its business permit renewal period, unlike other cities in the Philippines as of this writing.

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