Home GUIDE: LTO Periodic Medical Exam (PME) – what you need to know and more!

GUIDE: LTO Periodic Medical Exam (PME) – what you need to know and more!

LTO Periodic Medical Exam (PME) – What you need to know and more!

With LTO’s new five-year and ten-year licenses also come new requirements for obtaining such privilege. To ensure that the driver is still fit for driving on public roads, a Periodic Medical Exam (PME) is required. Here’s what you need to know about LTO PME.

LTO’s Ten-Year Renewal License

In response to LTO’s stricter license requirements, the Philippine senate has proposed to extend the license to ten years, provided that the driver has no record of any traffic violations and is in good medical condition. Drivers with even a bit of a bad history will have to settle with the five-year renewal. 

Moreover, LTO is also stressing that all drivers take a Comprehensive Driver’s Exam (CDE) before applying for a license. In addition, license holders will also have to take a CDE when applying for a ten-year license. 

What Medical Certificates are required for the PME?

Since Periodic Medical Exams (PMEs) are done to check if the license holder is fit for driving, most of the medical certificates required will also be related to things that will affect your driving skills, such as eyesight, hearing, and physical comorbidities. Therefore, the medical certificate should confirm that the license holder:

  • Is Drug-free;
  • Does not require correction glasses and is not colorblind;
  • Mentally and physically fit for driving;
  • Has good hearing or will require a hearing aid;

Moreover, the medical certificate should also state if the applicant has any existing medical conditions, such as:

  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Glaucoma or Cataract
  • Stroke
  • Dementia
  • Limb abnormalities

Lastly, medical practitioners must perform medical tests on people that are:

  • Orthopedically Impaired (people that have limb problems such as a paralyzed leg or amputated limbs with prosthesis)
  • Speech and Hearing Impaired
  • Partially Blind
  • Has no highly contagious diseases (for Professional Driver’s License applicants)

They will have to prove that they are a licensed practitioner by adding their name, address, PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) number, and PTR (Professional Tax Receipt) number. 

Where can I get my Medical Certificate?

LTO-accredited medical clinics are usually available in the vicinity of an LTO office. You can also get a medical certificate from government hospitals and clinics. However, these medical clinics are often swarmed by people in the same boat as you.

If you wish to take a medical exam in another medical clinic, ensure that the clinic is LTO-accredited. In addition, LTO often asks for an electronic copy of the medical certificate. Therefore, that medical clinic needs to be included in its database.

As for the pricing of medical examinations, they usually go up to Php 500. However, it might vary depending on the medical clinic that you choose. 

Since it’s a Periodic Exam, how frequently should I do a Medical Exam?

With the new laws regarding ownership of a driver’s license, whether you own a five-year or ten-year permit, you will have to take a medical exam periodically. 

For five-year license holders, you will need to submit a medical certificate 60 days before the date of your license issuance after three years. For example, if you got your license on March 30, 2023, you must submit a medical certificate between January and March 2026.

The same applies to ten-year license holders, the only difference being that they will need to renew it in the fourth and seventh years. Therefore, if you had your license on March 30, 2023, you must submit a medical certificate between January and March 2027 and 2030.

Can the schedule be changed?

No. However, registered physicians conducting PME regularly might prescribe a more frequent schedule. The frequency depends on the applicant’s health, age, and medical history. These practitioners will abide by the existing LTO health and safety guidelines. 

Moreover, LTO will remind license holders for the Periodic Medical Exam 60 and 30 days before their PME deadline. If you fail to comply with the schedule, your license will be suspended. The suspension will be lifted once the PME has been complied with. Additionally, LTO will add demerit points to your driver’s license.

Where can I get my PME done?

PMEs will only be performed in LTO-accredited medical clinics or government health facilities. This is to ensure that fake medical certificates are abolished. If the applicant submits a fake medical certificate, they might be banned from getting a license.

Moreover, LTO warns the accredited medical clinics that are issuing medical certificates without properly assessing the applicant of the possibility of losing their accreditation and being given a suspension order. 

If a license holder is proven to have submitted a fake medical certificate, the license will be immediately revoked and recalled, and LTO will file a proper case. In addition, before an electronic copy is sent to LTO, a biometric fingerprint scan from the attending physician and the applicant is required as an additional security measure and proof.

What if I fail my LTO Periodic Medical Exam (PME)?

If the attending physician determines that your medical condition will affect your driving skills, LTO might impose restrictions on your license or reclassify it. LTO will then reprint your driver’s license to reflect the updated changes.

If you were deemed unfit for driving, LTO would confiscate and suspend your driving permit. The suspension will only be lifted until a specialist can certify that you’ve recovered and is not a liability on the road. However, the specialist might advise restrictions on your license, prompting an update and a reprint.

Medical Exams after a vehicular accident

Motorists involved in vehicular accidents that resulted in physical injuries, damage to properties, and loss of human life must undergo a medical exam to assess their physical and mental well-being. 

In addition, the license owner must undergo a medical examination from an LTO-accredited medical clinic within 72 hours after the accident or once the driver is released from detention or medical treatment. 

Neuro-Psychiatric Examinations

Neuro-Psychiatric Exams are required for drivers with revoked licenses wanting to be licensed again. These assessments are done in government and LTO-accredited medical facilities. If the applicant passes, LTO will then reinstate their license.

Moreover, the applicant must submit a psychological report that recommends the restoration of the applicant’s driving privilege. This documentary requirement is needed to prove that the driver is mentally fit to drive.

What if I’m working or living abroad and fail to do the LTO PME?

Since this is a valid reason for failure to comply, license owners living or working abroad will be exempted from the regular schedule. However, you are required to do your PME within 30 days of arriving back in the Philippines if you wish to drive again.

The same process applies to foreigners if they wish to keep their Filipino Driver’s License even if they have dual citizenship. They must also submit a medical certificate from an accredited LTO medical facility.

Closing Remarks

Although the stricter process is more inconvenient, the benefits outweigh it. In addition, the old renewal process every three years is more tedious than submitting a medical certificate. However, look at the brighter side; the PME requires you to visit the doctor for a check-up which is a good opportunity to check your overall health. –WhatALife!/Vaughn

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