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GUIDE: LTO Car Registration Renewal in 2023


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Car registration renewal is required every year. It allows authorities to check if your vehicle is safe for traveling. Here’s a complete guide for LTO Car Registration Renewal in 2023.

When Should I Renew My Car Registration?

Car dealerships usually pre-registered brand-new cars to the Land Transportation Office (LTO) for three years. However, before the three-year registration expires, you must renew your Car Registration at your nearest LTO office. After that, annually renew your Car Registration as mandated by the LTO.

LTO has designated a scheduling system for renewing your car registration. What month you should continue your car registration is based on the last number of your license plate. Moreover, the day for renewing your car registration will be based on the second to the last number on your license plate.

Last digit of your License PlateRegistration Month
Second to the last digit of your License PlateRegistration Week
1, 2 and 31st to 7th working day
4, 5 and 68th to 14th working day
7 and 815th to 21st working day
9 and 022nd till the last working day

Requirements for LTO Car Registration Renewal in 2023

Before you renew your Car Registration, you need to pass a few tests first as proof of road and environment safety compliance. Most of these documentary requirements can be sourced near an LTO office.

Compulsory Third-Party Liability (CTPL)

CTPL is required when registering your car to protect you from financial liabilities in case of accidents. In short, CTPL is your car insurance. Many LTO offices have insurance agents on-site, but you can also get car insurance from other companies that offer such services.

Taxpayer’s Identity Number (TIN)

Since owning cars is taxable, LTO will check if you have any pending payments for owning a car. Therefore, bringing your Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN) is required if you wish to renew your Car Registration.

An Original Copy of Your Certificate of Emissions Compliance

As stated by the Clean Air Act of 1999, all vehicles must undergo emission testing before renewing Car Registration. You also need to do the emission test from an LTO-certified Private Emission Testing Center. 

The test is required as proof that you are properly maintaining your car. It’s also to prove that your car’s exhaust is releasing no harmful gasses and chemicals. 

Since there are emission testing centers near LTO offices, having your emission test done from other LTO-accredited sources is recommended to avoid long lines.

Photocopy of Certificate of Registration

As proof that your vehicle is registered, submitting a photocopy of your car registration is necessary. NEVER give the original copy of your Certificate of Registration to anyone. Having a photocopy is enough for renewing your Car Registration.

Official Receipt of Payment (for Cars Under Mortgage) 

Cars under a mortgage are required to present an official receipt for the initial three-year registration of the car. If it was misplaced or destroyed, you need to file an Affidavit of Loss to your nearest notary public. LTO will accept this Affidavit of Loss in the absence of the receipt.

Accomplished and Approved Motor Vehicle Inspection Report (MVIR)

The MVIR form is needed to check if your vehicle does not break the rules and regulations for safe driving. Having an approved MVIR is the final requirement to renew your Car Registration.

Additional Requirements for Imported Cars

The documents needed for Imported Cars are not that different from regular cars. Besides those stated above, you are only required to present additional documents as follows:

  • Bill of lading;
  • Certificate of Stock Reporter;
  • Bureau of Customs Certificate of Payment;
  • Sales Invoice of the vehicle;

LTO Car Registration Renewal Process in 2023

  1. Bring your vehicle to the nearest LTO office with the documents mentioned above, except for the MVIR. 
  2. Go to the LTO transaction counter and inform them that you wish to renew your car registration. They will then give you the MVIR form and a queuing number if the line is long.
  3. Outside the LTO registration office are the LTO inspection aides. Bring your MVIR to these aides and have them inspect your vehicle and get it approved for renewal. The aides will check the following parts to see if they are functional and up to standards:
  • Headlights;
  • Signal Lights;
  • Brake System;
  • Tires;
  • Windscreen Wipers;
  • Exhaust Pipes;
  • Car Horn;
  • Seatbelts;
  • Clutch System;
  • Engine;
  • Cooling System;
  1. Submit all documentary requirements, including the approved MVIR form, to the counter for evaluation. Once evaluated, the evaluator will submit all documents to the office for processing.
  2. Wait for your priority number to be called and proceed to the cashier. Pay the necessary fees and wait at the release counter for your Official receipt and a new Certificate of Registration.

Remember always to carry your vehicle’s Certificate of Registration and the Official receipt when driving on public roads. Traffic enforcers will often check if you have these documents, and if you fail to present these documents, you’re often subject to heavy fines and penalties.

Renewal Fees for Your Vehicle’s Certificate of Registration

Renewing your Car Registration might be a bit costly. However, it’s a necessary expenditure to continue operating your vehicle. The total renewal fee might look like this:

(Note: Car insurance may vary, including the emission test.)

ItemPrice (PHP)
Insurance Fee850
Emission Testing Fee450
Engine Stencil Fee50
Motor Vehicle User Charge (Tax)1,600
Vehicle Registration Renewal Fee400

Please note that the total fee stated above may vary depending on your vehicle’s condition. You might also have to pay for stickers and photocopy some documents. All in all, make sure to bring extra money just in case.

LTO Penalties for Late Registration

The Land Transportation Office has imposed fines for late registrations to maintain the orderly process of renewal. Heavy fines and penalties await if you are caught with an expired Certificate of Registration.

If you miss your renewal schedule, fines are also imminent. A fine of Php 200 for every week you miss and an additional 50 percent increase on the MVUC if you have not registered for months but not more than a year. 

If you exceed 12 months without renewing and are not apprehended by the LTO, a 50 percent increase on the MVUC is added, plus the number of years you have missed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer my next registration to another LTO office if my 1st registration was at LTO Makati? 

Yes, you can change your car’s registration to any  LTO office most practical or reachable for you. Your car registration will incur an extra Php100.00 fee for a Change of Venue (CV).

I bought a second-hand car. How can I be sure that the CR & OR aren’t fake? 

Go to your nearest LTO office and have the Certificate of Registration (CR) and Official Receipt (OR) verified for their authenticity. 

Is it possible to change my license plate number?

No, changing your plate number is forbidden. According to law, any vehicle number plate’s identification and letters are permanently assigned for the vehicle’s entire lifetime. 

Tips for an easy LTO Car Registration Renewal in 2023

  • Since renewing your vehicle’s Certificate of Registration requires a lot of documentary requirements, you should prepare them long before your renewal schedule.
  • Many people will also be renewing their vehicle registration. Therefore, be early to avoid long queue times and the hot noon sun. 
  • Make sure that your vehicle is in peak performance before renewing. This will shorten the inspection process and will help you avoid additional expenses.
  • Always bring a copy and your original OR and CR. 
  • NEVER entertain fixers or bribe officials. –WhatALife!/Vaughn

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