Home GUIDE: How to Verify Your GCash Account in 2024

GUIDE: How to Verify Your GCash Account in 2024

guide how to verify your gcash account in 2024

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GCash has become a more preferred and convenient payment method in the Philippines. Its wide use and easy accessibility have arguably made it a household name for online transactions with easy features and approaches. This article offers help to regular users to fully understand how to verify their GCash account in 2024.

After its introduction and implementation, GCash has become a nationwide used app for services such as:

  • Paying bills minimizes long lines and excessive waiting time at payment centers.
  • Save and access money at any convenient time and garner financial flexibility.
  • Deposit savings sent from GCash to your linked bank account.
  • Transfer money from your bank savings into your account or send it to another mutual account.
  • Gives quick payment towards any available services or products that accept e-payment.
  • Buy any load or promo for your SIM.

Steps on Verifying Your GCash Account

Users need to know that basic registration to their GCash account differs from a fully verified account. In accessing all of GCash’s features, fully verifying your GCash account is highly required. The verification process provides security measures to keep your account safe and has higher transaction limits. 

Here is how to get verified in GCash:

  1. Login into your GCash account.
  1. On the app, tap on the Menu and select “Verify Now”
  1. Choose the option “Get Fully Verified” 
  1. Choose a valid ID upon the request. Under this section, users need to prepare their physical ID(s) for the next step. Please check under the FAQs section for a full list of Valid ID options.
  1. Take a clear photo of your ID, then tap “Next”.
  1. Take a selfie of yourself. (It is also important that both your selfie and your ID’s picture are not blurry).
  1. Fill in the required information. Review each section to make sure all inputted data are accurate, up-to-date, and correct before sending.

Verifying GCash Account with Student ID

Getting verified in GCash is simple and often quick, depending on how the verification is approached. It is also possible for students to verify their GCash. However, young students must be aware that their verification will not be guaranteed. It is because the Student ID is not deemed to be a recommended valid ID for GCash account verification.

To start on how to get verified in GCash using Student ID, users will need to follow the following steps: 

  1. Open the GCash app via the website or mobile device. They can then use either approach in submitting a request ticket. It can be done by clicking Profile, hovering, and selecting “Help.” Tap the option “Submit a Ticket” to access the support ticket form.
  1. Fill out the support ticket with the requested information such as:
    1. Email Address used for GCash registration
    2. GCash-registered full name
    3. GCash-registered mobile number
    4. Concern Category: The option should be “Account Verification” and “My Valid ID is not on the list.”
    5. Explanation of your concern: You should provide the following to have your GCash account verified using your Student ID.
  1. Upon filling out the above details, wait for the confirmation email. Once received, don’t delete it, as the email contains your ticket number. The process normally takes 1-3 business days for your matter to be looked into.


Here are some common inquiries regarding GCash services and related concerns.

Why is my GCash Verification Not Working?

If your GCash verification process has failed or encountered some errors, it may be due to the following reasons:

  • Incorrect uploading of required documents: Incorrect uploads include blurry, cropped, or incorrect photos.
  • Inaccurate documents: Inaccurate documents include unmatching or expired documents being submitted to the verification steps.

Other potential reasons may include the need for additional documents aside from the initial documents you have submitted. You may re-apply for verification after receiving a notification informing you of the failure of the previous attempt.

Can I use GCash Even If It Is Not Verified?

While you can still use GCash even without an unverified account, you will only have limited features. The basic account only allows you to perform offline Cash-ins, Bill Payments, Buying Loads, and QR Code Payment.

What are the Valid ID Requirements for GCash?

Valid ID requirements are crucial for verifying your GCash Account for several security and identification reasons. Below are the lists of valid IDs that are acceptable for GCash verification.

For the general Filipino Citizens (18 years old and above with PH SIM):

  • Philsys ID
  • ePHillD (Paper)
  • Philippine Postal ID
  • Passport
  • SSS ID
    PRC ID
  • HDMF (Pag-Ibig) ID
  • Driver’s License
  • UMID

For Minors (Ages 7-17 years old with PH SIM), a Fully Verified GCash Jr account is needed with the following:

  • Passport
  • Philsys ID
  • Student ID
  • ePHillD (Paper)

Knowing how to fully verify GCash accounts enables a seamless process. Users will need to sign up already and make a GCash account prior. Fully verified accounts offer near-unlimited financial benefits for any user. They must prepare the required IDs or requested documents, be ready for the following steps, and take clear pictures of themselves and the ID.

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