Home GUIDE: How to RENEW your Business Name online via DTI’s BNRS?

GUIDE: How to RENEW your Business Name online via DTI’s BNRS?


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Renewing your business name is essential to keep your business legal. Moreover, if you don’t renew your business name, other companies might take its name and the association of your products. So, renew your Business Name online now!

Here’s how you do it:

Online Business Name Renewal through DTI BNRS in 5 Steps

Follow the steps below to renew your business name online using DTI’s BNRS!

Step 1. Starting from the Business Name Services section of the portal, click Renewal. Or click https://bnrs.dti.gov.ph/renewal. The page will show you a disclaimer regarding your data privacy and guidelines for naming your business. Click on “I Agree” at the bottom of the page to proceed.

Then, go to the search bar and enter your Transaction Reference Number or Reference Code. Your business name will appear in the search results.

Step 2. Click on your business name to bring up the Transaction Summary page. Choose between “Update Scope and Renew” and “Renew and Update Info” to proceed to the next step.

You can modify your email and residential address during the renewal process. Additionally, you may update it if your business address still falls under the previously registered scope of the BN.

Step 3. Choose a new territorial scope if moving business locations or expanding to a new area. Then, click the “Check Name Availability” button after entering your dominant name and selecting the proper business name descriptor.

Once verified, click “Next.” Afterward, check your registration information on the website for a regular renewal. Then, complete the critical information section and update. 

Enter the terms that best define the nature of your company in the “Philippine Standard Industrial Classification” area. Then, choose the relevant company name description depending on what you entered.

Step 4. After finishing, click “Next” to be sent to the Regular Renewal Summary page. An additional Reference Code will then show up in a pop-up. 

Please take note of the code since you will need it for all transactions you have with BNRS. For the following step, click “Continue.”

Step 5. By selecting “Proceed,” you are confirming agreement with the Terms and Conditions. You may download the Terms and Conditions for reference later.

Finally, the payment section will be displayed where you can choose the recommended payment options (such as DTI Teller, GCash, PayMaya, Landbank Link.Biz, or Credit/Debit Card). 

Remember to pay the fee within seven calendar days from the date of application. Otherwise, the Business Name application will be regarded as abandoned and revoked. Once the payment transaction is complete, the system will send the Certificate of Business Name Registration to your email.

Guidelines For Naming Your Business

The Terms and Conditions outlined in your online application for a business name (BN) are subject to the BUSINESS NAME LAW, otherwise known as RA 3883

The law states that it’s your responsibility to ensure that your proposed Business Name is compliant with the following guidelines:

  1. Not a term, word, or combination of words that denotes behavior or standards that are forbidden, unethical, scandalous, or improper (e.g., Boobs Massage & Spa);
  2. Not a name, word group, term, or expression used to identify, distinguish, or imply a quality of any category of goods, articles, merchandise, products, or services.;
  3. Not a trademark, trade name, or business name registered by a government body with authority to register trademarks or names.;
  4. Not antagonistic to State Security;
  5. Not made up of a purely generic word or group of words (e.g., The Hospital, The Roasthouse);
  6. Not a name whose use is prohibited by law or regulation or one that is not legally appropriate (e.g., ISIS, Red Cross, Red Crescent);
  7. Not officially used by the government in its non-proprietary functions (e.g., PNP Security Agency, DOH Health Clinic);
  8. Not a name or acronym of any country, intergovernmental organization, or other international body unless permitted by a competent authority within that country, intergovernmental organization, or other international body. (e.g., Chinese Communist Party Legal Services, USSR Logistics);
  9. Not subject to an order by regular courts or any administrative agencies/bodies that prohibits the registration thereof;
  10. Not another person’s name; and
  11. Not deceptive, misleading, or one that misrepresents the nature of the business.

As part of its obligations, DTI may post-evaluate business names that have been registered and may get in touch with the Registrant to ensure that the terms of Republic Act No. 3883 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations are being carried out correctly.

Download your Certificate Online

Step 1. Proceed to the Transaction Inquiry link under the website’s Business Name Services. 

Input your Reference Code in the corresponding field. The system will send a verification code to the email address you used to register.


Step 2. Check the Transaction Summary, and type the verification code. 

Finally, you can download your Certificate by clicking “Certificate” under the Downloadable Contents.

After that, your business name will be renewed, meaning the business is still strong, and only you can use that name for your brand and products! –WhatALife!/Vaughn

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