Home GUIDE: How to apply for an LTO student license/permit in 2023?

GUIDE: How to apply for an LTO student license/permit in 2023?


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In order to operate a vehicle, you must get a driver’s license. However, the first step to getting that driver’s permit is obtaining a student license, also called a student permit. Find out how to apply for a student license/permit in 2023 in this blog.

Note: In this blog, “student license” and “student permit” will be used interchangeably.

What is a Student License/Permit?

As the name suggests, Student Permits certify that you can drive as long as you’re in the presence of a professional or non-professional license holder. A student license is valid for one year starting from the issuing date.

Within this one-year trial period, you must learn the basics of driving, such as road signage, traffic rules and regulations, and other situational events that might occur, such as how to handle road rages and act when at a checkpoint. 

Student License Qualifications

Qualifications for a student permit have changed. In addition to implementing changes to extend the driver’s license renewal, obtaining a student permit is now stricter. The following are the qualifications for getting a student permit.

  • At least 16 years old for Filipino citizens and 18 years old for Foreign citizens;
    • Foreign citizens must have stayed in the country for one month and a six-month proof of stay;
  • Can read and write in English and Filipino;
  • Applicant must have no unsettled traffic violation;
  • Must have completed a Theoretical Driving Course (TDC);
  • Must have an email address;

Since LTO is also transitioning some of its processes online, having an email address is now required. Moreover, by using the LTO online portal, drivers can keep track of their violations, payments, and other transactions.

Student Permit Requirements

Since undergoing a theoretical driving course is now an essential requirement, you must first pass the course exam as part of the requirement. Many driving schools offer these courses, most of which are located near an LTO office. However, before taking one of their courses, ensure they are LTO accredited first.


  • A filled-out Application for Permits and Licenses Form (APL Form);
  • A soft copy of your medical certificate from an LTO-accredited medical clinic and a presentation of your original medical certificate with one photocopy for submission;
  • Presentation of the original document with one photocopy for submission for any of the following documents:
    • PSA or NSO Birth Certificate;
    • National ID;
    • Passport;
    • PSA copy of your marriage certificate (if married);
    • Local Civil Registry for areas with no PSA office;
  • Parent’s or Guardian’s consent for applicants below 18 years old.
    • Submit the consent with the original and one photocopy of any government ID of the parent/guardian with their photo and signature.
  • Submit one photocopy and present the original valid ID with photo and signature of the applicant;
    • For foreigners, presentation of the original and submission of one photocopy of the passport with an entry date of at least one month and a visa duration of six months from the date of application.
    • If born in the Philippines: present the original and one photocopy of your birth certificate authenticated by the PSA.
  • Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN) for employed applicants;
  • Submit one photocopy and present the original copy of your Certificate of Completion from your 15-hour Theoretical Driving Course with an electronic copy sent from an LTO-accredited driving school.

Valid Government IDs

Here is a list of some of the valid government IDs required when applying for a student license:

  • Passport;
  • PhilHealth ID;
  • TIN card;
  • National ID;
  • UMID card;
  • Postal ID;
  • PRC ID;
  • Voter’s ID;
  • OFW ID;
  • Senior Citizen’s ID;
  • Seaman’s Book;
  • Integrated Bar of The Philippines ID;

Student License Application Process

Step 1. Go to your nearest LTO office and ask for the permits and license application form.
You can ask the front desk or the security guard near the entrance.

Step 2. Fill out the necessary information on the application form and submit all documentary requirements at the designated counter.
They will check your application form and documents for any deficiencies. If none are found, they will pass it to the assessment officer.

Step 3. Patiently wait for your name to be called. Be attentive.
Once called, proceed to the Biometrics window, where they will gather your biometric data, photos, and signature.

Step 4. After a few minutes, a cashier will call your name again at the Payment counter.
The payment for a student license is Php 320.

Step 5. Wait for the Releasing counter to call your name.
Once called, you will receive your student permit and an official receipt. Double-check for any misspellings and errors on your SP before leaving the premises.

Student Permit Validity and Renewal

Student permits are only valid for one year from the date of their issuance. Once the one-year is done, they no longer hold the purpose of practicing practical driving courses. If caught driving with an expired student permit, you’ll be fined Php 500.

However, the applicant can still use the student license to apply for a non-professional driver’s license if the applicant finished the practical course within the one-year validity period. If the applicant is still not confident about applying for a non-professional driver’s license, they can renew their student permit on or before its expiry.

The following documents are required to renew your student permit:

  • A filled-out Application for Permits and Licenses e-Form (APL online form);
  • Presentation of the student license;
  • An electronic copy of your medical certificate from an LTO-accredited medical clinic and a presentation of your original medical certificate with one photocopy for submission;

Student License Fees

Although the student permit will cost Php 320, other fees, such as medical certificates and driving courses, are also part of the total expenses. The most costly of all is the Theoretical Driving Course. There are free TDCs available sponsored by LTO, and you can ask your nearest office for inquiries.

Medical CertificatePhp 500 (prices may vary)
Theoretical Driving CoursePhp 1,500 (prices may vary)
TDC Certificate of CompletionPhp 200 (prices may vary)
Student LicensePhp 320
TotalPhp 2,500

Closing Remarks

If you are already confident in your driving skills and want to get a license, you are still required to get a student license/permit. After one month, you can upgrade your SP to a non-professional driver’s license. –WhatALife!/Vaughn

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