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Gloria Diaz, Isabelle Daza express views on MU’s inclusivity rules


MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The debate over the inclusivity of the Miss Universe pageant has gained attention once again following remarks from Miss Universe 1969 Gloria Diaz and her daughter, actress and model Isabelle Daza. 

During their appearance on the episode of “Fast Talk With Boy Abunda,” the mother-daughter duo shared their thoughts on the pageant’s decision to allow transgender women, mothers, wives, and pregnant women to compete.

Isabelle Daza expressed her viewpoint, referencing her mother’s earlier comments on the subject. “I agree when my mom said before where if it’s Miss Universe and they’re just including everybody, then it should just be [called] Universe,” she stated, highlighting the complexity of the topic.

Gloria Diaz humorously suggested that even Boy Abunda could join the competition under the new rules, to which Abunda responded he would if Diaz insisted. 

The conversation then shifted to the nuances of inclusivity and fairness, with Isabelle citing Caitlyn Jenner’s perspective that fighting for equality and fighting for fairness is not the same thing. 

“She said that people mistake fighting for equality and fighting for fairness to be in the same thing,” Isabelle said. 

“So if you have transgenders in sports, it’s not necessarily fair,” she added.

This distinction, according to Daza, becomes particularly relevant in contexts such as sports where transgender participants are involved.

Gloria Diaz proposed that separate pageants could be organized to accommodate the diverse participants, suggesting titles like Miss Transvestite Universe or Miss Tomboy Universe to ensure that each group has its platform while maintaining the traditional essence of Miss Universe.

Reflecting on her own experiences and the evolution of beauty pageants, Gloria Diaz reminisced about the simpler times and the lack of financial motivation during her era. 

She highlighted the age restrictions of the past, where being 23 years old would make one the “oldest candidate” in the competition.

Isabelle Daza concluded the discussion by acknowledging the changes and evolution in beauty pageants over time, emphasizing that such developments are a sign of progress.

As the conversation around inclusivity in beauty pageants continues, the upcoming Miss Universe Philippines 2024 competition will see a diverse group of contestants, including those over 28, married participants, and single parents, challenging traditional norms and reflecting the evolving landscape of beauty pageants.

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