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Jen Barangan shares about losing her dream career in “Toni Talks”

jen barangan shares about losing her dream career in toni talks

Vlogger and social media influencer Jen Barangan discusses her experiences and life lessons she learned while pursuing her dream career on “Toni Talks.”

After working in the airline sector for three years, Jen shared that she had a lot of insecurities before. Her prior experience working as a call center had encouraged her to invest more in skincare products and personal care to get rid of her physical flaws.

Jen also tried out for Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) as a housemate, and her aim was to become a host.

Toni emphasized that the physical component was the first thing to look for in the showbiz and airline industries. 

She attempted to apply abroad after her first effort at breaking into the airline sector failed, but she was accepted at Cebu Pacific, where her flight attendant career started.

“But, how is it like being a flight attendant?’ Toni asked.

“At first I really thought na it was an easy job, parang if titignan mo sya sa airport..” Jen said.

Parang glamorous!”, Toni continued. 

“Yes, akala ko talaga mag papaganada lang ako dun, parang yung mag safety demo lang ako, you have to ano memorize the safety procedure kasi you have to take care the safety of the passenger, giving them the best customer service,” Jen said. 

As Jen continued to work as a flight attendant, she also made the decision to create vlogs. She said that the pandemic was the reason she had to give up her dream profession.

Jen continued her vlogging since she knew that many people still believed in her, even if she was canceled by certain netizens. 

Ano na discover mo sa sarili mo?” Toni asked.

“It’s perseverance,” Jen responded. 

In addition, Jen captivated her memories of being raised by her grandmother. 

Although she felt that her father was absent, Jen made the decision to respect him. She also recalled her deceased grandmother, who loved to travel. 

When asked about her own definition of life, Jen replied, “Life is not without heartaches and failures. Challenges are part of life, and it depends on you how you take them and respond to them.” 

Jen Barangan is now engaged to Renz David. The engagement happened in Japan during Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, where the couple wore Romeo and Juliet-inspired outfits. The said vlogger has been mentioned on Reddit together with her fiancé Renz David, who were described by netizens as “cheaters” and fans of Rodrigo Duterte (DDS).

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