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Friendster, the iconic 2000s social network, set for revival


The iconic social networking site Friendster, which gained immense popularity in the early 2000s, is reportedly gearing up for a comeback “in the near future,” according to a report by CNN Indonesia. 

The official Friendster.com domain now features a message inviting users to “Bring It Back to the People” and encourages them to rediscover the charm of the early era of social networking with a contemporary twist. 

The message teases a “new era of personalized networking,” suggesting a rejuvenated and improved Friendster experience.

The text on the official website further reads, “Friendster is better than ever and for the people.” Despite the anticipation surrounding the potential revival, no specific changes or updates have been observed on the website since CNN first reported the development.

Friendster’s unexpected resurgence coincides with recent massive outages on major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. 

Filipinos, reminiscing about the earlier days of social networking, engaged in online conversations, expressing nostalgia for Friendster during the downtime of these contemporary platforms.

Interestingly, the timing of this Friendster revival speculation aligns with the collective sentiment of users who, almost two years ago, were teased by a fake Friendster website that circulated online. 

In contrast to the previous instance, the current development is hosted on the original Friendster.com domain, adding an air of authenticity to the news of the potential return.

As of now, Friendster’s website features a sign-up page for individuals eager to gain early access to the anticipated revival. 

The prospect of Friendster making a comeback has stirred excitement among those who fondly remember the platform’s early days and has reignited conversations about the unique experiences and connections it offered.

While the details of Friendster’s revival plans remain undisclosed, the buzz surrounding this unexpected news suggests that the once-pioneering social network may soon make a notable return, offering users a nostalgic trip down memory lane with a modern touch. 

As users eagerly await further updates, the possibility of Friendster’s resurgence is generating curiosity and anticipation within the online community.

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