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Filipino Peter Rosalita earns standing ovation in AGT


HOLYWOOD, USA —  Peter Rosalita, an 11-year old Filipino singer based in the UAE, has once again wowed the judges and audience of America’s Got Talent (AGT) for the All-Stars 2023 edition.

Rosalita previously joined AGT back in 2021, reaching the Semi-Finals. He was eliminated during the live shows. Although the young singer performed well, there was a hiccup at the beginning of his performance, asking for his song to be replayed from the top.

For his second chance on the AGT stage, Rosalita will “make sure that there’ll be no hiccups.”

Knowing that this was the young performer’s second time on AGT, Simon Cowell asked Rosalita what’s his dream this time.

“My dream is to become an international singer and to have my own album,” he replied.

Finally, during his performance, the Filipino singer delivered! The crowd was standing just before the end of his song – Michael Bolton’s “Go The Distance.” The judges were also on their feet after Rosalita finished singing.

“Peter, you are a star in the making. You really came here to fight and I love that about you,” Heidi Klum said.

After finding out that Rosalita had a sore throat while performing, Howie commended the singer, saying, “That [performance] was amazing without knowing all that.”

“But knowing all that and your age — well done, young man. Really, well done,” he added.

Cowell, meanwhile, commented on how Rosalita is still as old fashioned as ever in terms of style and choice of music, but noted that his voice has “actually got better.”

“Now I know there’s still a lot of people to come. Having said that, that might be enough to put you through to the final,” Cowell added.

Watch Peter Rosalit’s AGT All-Star 2023 performance here:

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