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Filipino multi-talent Ian Veneracion Surprises Aeronautics Students

filipino multi talent ian veneracion surprises aeronautics students

MANILA, PHILIPPINES —  In a heartwarming turn of events, the renowned Filipino actor and multi-talent Ian Veneracion surprised and pranked students at Visayas Aerospace College & Technology in Cabatuan, Iloilo. The unexpected visit took place during the students’ break time, leaving them pleasantly astounded.

Ian Veneracion, known for his versatile skills as an actor, singer, and pilot took the time to connect with aspiring aerospace students while waiting for his flight. In a post by MyTV Cebu, it can be seen that he was wearing a hat and a bandana covering his lower face as an undercover.

During his quick visit, Veneracion took the opportunity to engage in a fun interaction with the students.

Veneracion conducted a spontaneous “surprise quiz,” assuming a strict and stern demeanor while posing a series of aeronautics-related questions.

His acting and expertise in the field contributed to him being almost unrecognizable. The students listened attentively, eager but seemed hesitant to answer.

The actor also took to Instagram and posted a reel with a caption, “Iloilo to Manila: While waiting for my flight, I passed by an aeronautical school; mag substitute professor kaya ako?”

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One user also commented saying, “Pag ganyan naman talaga di na ko aabsent sa school na ko matutulog.”

By taking to Instagram and sharing a reel of his visit, Veneracion extended the impact beyond the immediate audience. His somehow lighthearted and playful caption, pondering the possibility of becoming a substitute professor while passing by an aeronautical school, showcased his humor and genuine interest in inspiring others.

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