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Kyla and Jay R Reuniting for Celebration Concert in September

kyla and jay r reuniting for celebration concert in september

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Known Filipino R7B singers Kyla and Jay R will have a reunion concert in September to celebrate 20 years of collaborations and creating sweet music for Original Pilipino Music (OPM) listeners. 

The two are bound to have a reunion concert in Quezon City’s New Frontier Theater on September 2. 

One of the songs the two co-wrote and collaborated on, called “Back In Time” will debut at the concert of GNN Entertainment Productions as it brings back years of soulful performances of the two artists. 

The two artists have been collaborating since the early 90s. They have been shipped for relationships before; fans had a specific name for the two if they were together. The two had top hits on charts that included covers and original songs, one of them being the song that will debut at the reunion concert. 

At a press conference, Kyla was excited to feel the magic of the concert as she had not done one with Jay R in a long time. 

The two have stated that this event was also outside their plan this year. 

“As artists, we usually plan what to do at the start of the year. This concert was unplanned. GNN Pop approached us, asked if we would consider holding a 20th-anniversary concert. We said yes… we were so excited,” Kyla stated. 

“We began listing songs we wanted to perform and realized that if we included all of them, the concert would run for four hours!”

During the concert, they will also perform other songs that they have collaborated with, including “Let The Love Begin,” “Say That You Love Me,” and “Bakit Pa Ba.” 

Kyla has stated her first impressions of Jay R from decades ago, saying, “Parang Amboy na maangas. May bodyguard pa.”

“I hadn’t heard him sing, but when he did, there were sparks sa chemistry in singing and music,” Kyla continued. “I never thought we’d be close friends. He’s a great person, a keeper.” – WhatALife!/Zain

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