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Enrique Gil clears breakup rumors with Liza Soberano

enrique gil clears breakup rumors with liza soberano

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Enrique Gil cleared up breakup rumors once again, stating on Thursday, February 1, that he and Liza Soberano are still in a relationship but have hectic schedules.

Enrique Gil reiterated that he and his longtime girlfriend, Liza Soberano, are still “happy” together. He emphasized that they reached a point where they recognized the importance of not solely focusing on each other. 

Gil refuted any claims of a breakup when questioned about their relationship status during an interview with entertainment journalist Gretchen Fullido.

“Yeah, yeah. We’re happy! We’re just really busy,” he said, noting he and the actress decided to focus on their respective careers for now.

“I think we just realized in life that we shouldn’t just be centered around each other. We can do more and grow more with our paths and we can achieve more, and it will just make us better,” he added.

When inquired about his Valentine’s Day plans, Enrique Gil mentioned that his mother, Bambi, would be his companion as Liza Soberano is occupied with promotions for her Hollywood debut film, “Lisa Frankenstein.”

Gil also discussed the cross-promotion efforts between him and Soberano for their respective films. He created a “small video” to promote Soberano’s Hollywood film, and in return, she offered a brief yet humorous greeting in the trailer for his movie, “I Am Not Big Bird.”

“I actually shot a small video for ‘Lisa Frankenstein’s’ promo and she also helped me. If you saw the trailer, she also said, ‘Hello Big Bird from Liza Soberano.’ It’s super funny,” he recalled.

Liza Soberano’s film is set to premiere on February 9, while Enrique Gil’s “I Am Not Big Bird” will be released on February 14.

In May 2023, rumors circulated about the couple’s breakup, prompted by statements from Liza’s former talent manager Ogie Diaz, alleging a split due to her decision to pursue a Hollywood career.

In September 2023, Liza discussed Enrique, noting that both were engrossed in individual projects. She expressed pride in his endeavors and mentioned that, despite their busy schedules, they make an effort to spend time together.


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