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Empress Schuck mourns after miscarriage incident 

empress schuck mourns after miscarriage incident

MANILA, Philippines – Actress Empress Schuck revealed in her social media post that she suffered a miscarriage on Monday, January 1.

Empress shared black and white photos on her Instagram account, featuring the initial announcement of her and husband Vino Guingona expecting another child. This resulted in fans inadvertently extending congratulations to her.

She mentioned that their plan was to start the year 2024 with the exciting news of expanding their family to four members. Unfortunately, due to health issues, she experienced the loss of two embryos initially, and then none.

“This year, we would’ve been a family of four or even five. From two embryos, to one, then to none. I’m still not sure how to talk about it. I just know that sometimes our plans for ourselves don’t align with God’s plans for us,” the actress wrote.

Even though she felt disheartened, Empress Schuck conveyed gratitude for the support and affection extended by those who reached out to her family following her recent miscarriage.

“To my husband @vinoguingona who’s been by my side and making sure I feel alright through this puzzling experience, you are truly God’s blessing to me. We may not exactly understand how we feel about this but having each other is enough to say that everything will be ok. To our family who showed us care and love, thank you and we appreciate all of you,” she added.

Celebrities, including fellow mothers Iya Villania, Melissa Ricks, and Ryza Cenon, expressed their prayers and words of comfort to Schuck in the comments section.

Schuck and Guingona, who have been together since 2014, celebrated the arrival of their daughter Athalia in 2015. The couple became engaged during their daughter’s birthday celebration in 2020 and subsequently exchanged vows in 2021.

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