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Emilienne Vigier’s Birthday Post with Joshua Garcia hints at a serious deepening ‘Lowkey’ Relationship

emilienne vigiers birthday post with joshua garcia hints at a serious deepening lowkey relationship

From initial speculation about their relationship to marveling at its discreteness and privacy, Emilienne Vigier delighted fans on June 9, 2024, by marking her birthday on Instagram. One post, in particular, featured actor Joshua Garcia. Their synchronized social media activity, often revealing shared moments, only fueled further speculation about their rumored ‘lowkey’ relationship. 

The rumor mill started buzzing in July 2023 when whispers of a blossoming romance between heartthrob Joshua Garcia and Pinay-French golfer Emilienne Vigier began circulating. While Joshua prefers to keep his personal life private, stating, “sa panahon ngayon, mas okay kung private na lang tayo,” netizens found delight in their online interactions.

Let’s take a stroll through their timeline of sweet moments:

June 2023

Did Joshua and Emilienne go on vacation together in Palawan? Eagle-eyed netizens noticed matching backgrounds in their respective posts, hinting at a possible joint getaway.

July 2023

Joshua commented on Emilienne’s Instagram post, sparking a charming exchange under one of her stunning photos.

Joshua Garcia girlfriend
Emilienne Vigier and Joshua Garcia
August 2023

Joshua’s Cosmo cover story revealed his preference for privacy in relationships, emphasizing that what happens between partners should remain between them.

September 2023

Without naming names, Joshua hinted at his relationship status during a media event, asserting the importance of privacy in his personal life.

November 2023

Another cute interaction on IG occurred when Emilienne shared a reel from her time in Tokyo, prompting a playful tease from Joshua.

Joshua Garcia and girlfriend
December 2023

The couple’s journey took them to Thailand, marked by Emilienne’s Instagram post featuring Joshua for the first time officially. Could this be the official unveiling of their relationship?

December 2024

Emilienne’s 2023 recap Reel featured Joshua prominently, suggesting a significant presence in her life throughout the year.

January 23, 2024

Emilienne’s Japan photo dump showcased numerous pictures with Joshua, highlighting their close bond in various amusing situations.

While neither Joshua nor Emilienne explicitly confirmed nor denied their relationship, their actions speak volumes. From playful banter to shared adventures, their journey together paints a picture of a romance kept intentionally low-key yet undeniably sweet. 

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