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Annabelle Rama Hints at Support for Richard Gutierrez and “Barbie Doll” Alleged Romance

annabelle rama hints at support for richard gutierrez and barbie doll alleged romance

Annabelle Rama, the outspoken mother of actor Richard Gutierrez, has subtly indicated her support for his rumored relationship with actress Barbie Imperial, whom she subtly referred to as “barbie doll.”

While not explicitly confirming the romance, Rama’s recent social media activity suggests a positive outlook on the alleged couple. On June 5, Rama took to Facebook with a cryptic post addressing the rumors. This came after entertainment reporter Ogie Diaz claimed that Gutierrez and Imperial are “exclusively dating.”

Social Media Clues and Playful Comments Stir Speculation

“Hoy!! Yung walang magawa sa buhay tumahimik na kayo. Kasi si Annabelle Doll hindi lalaban kay Barbie Doll maganda, maputi at makinis,” Rama wrote, praising Imperial’s appearance without directly naming her.

Adding a touch of humor, Rama stated she would rather face “Chucky,” the notorious killer doll from horror movies, than compete with a “Barbie doll.” She added, “Ang gusto makalaban ni Annabelle doll si Chucky. Alam nyo na kung sino yun HAHAHA happy kana,” which fueled more speculation among fans about her playful dig.

Annabelle Rama and Barbie doll

Rama’s post generated a variety of responses online, with many interpreting it as a reference to herself, Imperial, and Gutierrez’s estranged wife, Sarah Lahbati. Moreover, observers noted that Rama’s comments might signal her approval of Imperial for her son.

Rumors about Gutierrez and Imperial’s relationship began in January 2024. They were first seen together at a gastropub in Alabang. These speculations grew stronger after they were spotted on a trip to South Korea.

In a vlog on May 30, Ogie Diaz reiterated that the pair are “exclusively dating,” stressing that there was no overlap between Lahbati and Imperial.

Currently, neither Richard Gutierrez nor Barbie Imperial has publicly confirmed their relationship, leaving fans eager for more updates on this potential romance.

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