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Ella Pangilinan questions responsible journalism amidst rumors about her brother Donny Pangilinan

ella pangilinan questions responsible journalism amidst rumors about her brother donny pangilinan

Ella Pangilinan, the elder sister of actor Donny Pangilinan, has taken a stand against what she perceives as irresponsible journalism, particularly in the context of unverified news reports circulating in local media outlets.

In an Instagram story shared on Thursday, April 18, 2024, the fashion designer voiced her concerns, criticizing news outlets for fabricating stories based on gossip or unverified information.

“Something I find really crazy about supposedly reputable PH news outlets is that they can make ‘news’ out of chismis / stories that are entirely untrue. How is that responsible journalism?” she wrote.

Ella’s statement follows recent speculation surrounding her brother, Donny Pangilinan, allegedly showing interest in actress Kathryn Bernardo. 

Showbiz insider Ogie Diaz fueled the speculation in a vlog, suggesting a romantic connection between Donny and Kathryn, talents under Star Magic.

While Donny has not addressed the rumors, he remains focused on his upcoming teleserye finale with his love team partner, Belle Mariano. 

Meanwhile, Kathryn recently celebrated her 28th birthday and hosted a housewarming party at her new family residence.

Although Donny and Kathryn share mutual friends, such as TV host Robi Domingo, rumors about their romantic involvement have been circulating since earlier this year. 

Netizens speculated about their relationship after a video from Robi’s wedding party surfaced, showing Donny and Kathryn sharing a moment on the dance floor. 

However, Robi clarified that they are all friends and urged people not to create unnecessary issues.

Throughout his career, Donny Pangilinan has maintained privacy regarding his dating life. 

While he and Belle Mariano have been linked romantically, they have not confirmed their relationship status. 

In interviews, Donny describes their bond as being in a “happy place,” while Belle affectionately refers to him as “Nato,” short for Tinkerbell.

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