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Duterte calls for urgent action on water issues

duterte in 4th asia pacific water summit

KUMAMOTO CITY, JAPAN — President Rodrigo Duterte has called for a more bold vision and quick action to solve the Asia-Pacific region’s water challenges, saying that countries must make wise decisions for the sake of current and future generations.

“Now is the time for a bigger vision and urgent action. We must decide wisely for ourselves and for future generations,” the President said at the 4th Asia-Pacific Water Summit in Kumamoto City, Japan.

According to Duterte, access to water and related services is a basic human right because it is a commodity that is necessary for people and ecosystems to survive and thrive.

Duterte said that in the end, inclusiveness is infused with the national interest. In the development of the water sector, this implies equity and fairness. As a result, both government and non-government entities must work together to find solutions. 

Duterte advocated for a “robust regime” for regional sustainable water management, highlighting the significance of using science in water resource development and climate-resilient infrastructures.

He also urged Asia-Pacific leaders to secure the long-term protection of forests and watersheds, as well as to motivate regional experts to work on technological development and transfer.

“We need to forward a strong alliance between our strategic partners to address entrenched corporate compulsion to ensure environmental compliance and just economic regulatory regimes,” Duterte said. 

Duterte praised the Japanese government for organizing the 4th Asia-Pacific Water Summit, which brought together heads of state and members of international organizations to discuss a variety of water-related issues.

Due to water supply difficulties in Metro Manila in 2019, Duterte planned to take over water service operators Maynilad Water Services Inc. and Manila Water Company Inc.

Duterte signed laws earlier this year granting both companies 25-year operating franchises, but requiring them to submit a plan to reach 100% water, sewerage, and sanitation coverage by 2037. – WhatALife!

Source: (philstar.com)

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