Home 2-year old baby loves dancing to BINI’s “Pantropiko”

2-year old baby loves dancing to BINI’s “Pantropiko”

2 year old baby loves dancing to binis pantropiko

A 2-year-old baby takes his own dance steps from watching a performance video of BINI’s “Patropiko”.

According to his mother Michelle, baby Zane spent over a month learning the dance steps of “Pantropiko” before mastering some of them. 

In the video, Zane is seen focused on the TV while imitating the dance choreography to the hit song.

Michelle said that although she is not a fan of BINI, she has grown to like the song because she finds it very catchy. 

Michelle also shared that she is very proud of her son. For them, Baby Zane is a blessing they have been waiting for a long time, after three years of struggling with pregnancy.

P-pop group BINI’s hit song Pantropiko caused a sensational dance craze and went viral all over the country. 

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