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DonBelle Delights Fans with Belle’s Early Birthday Celebration

donbelle delights fans with belles early birthday celebration

Belle Mariano’s early birthday celebration, captured in Instagram stories, has delighted fans, especially the ardent supporters of the DonBelle loveteam. Belle celebrated with a delightful candle-blowing event. First with the cast of the recently concluded series “Can’t Buy Me Love,” and then with Donny Pangilinan, the other half of the DonBelle duo.

The DonBelle fanbase was particularly thrilled to see Dons take an active role in Belle’s celebration. Fans felt a deep sense of “kilig,” a Filipino term that describes the butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling of romantic excitement. DonBelle fans are known for their passionate support of the duo. Moments like these only serve to strengthen their adoration. 

Comments flooded in with fans expressing their joy and excitement over the DonBelle interaction, with many sharing their own “kilig” moments inspired by the celebration.

Belle’s Birthday Concert

In addition to the early birthday celebration, actress-singer Belle Mariano has exciting news for her fans. She will hold a birthday concert in July at The Theatre at Solaire, a month after she turns 22 years old. Belle’s management, Star Magic, confirmed on social media that the “Believe: The Belle Mariano Birthday Concert” will take place on July 13. 

“We BElieved in her from the very BEginning…” Star Magic said in its announcement. “So, are you ready for the BEst party ever with Belle?”

The actress herself posted the announcement on her social media accounts, stating, “Are you ready for the BEst party? To all the beloved, start BElieving.”

Belle recently wrapped up the series “Can’t Buy Me Love,” opposite her loveteam partner Donny Pangilinan, who was also her co-star in “He’s Into Her,” “An Inconvenient Love,” and “James and Pat and Dave.” 

This early birthday celebration, combined with the announcement of her upcoming concert, has made this period particularly special for Belle and her fans. Moments like these not only create cherished memories but also strengthen the bonds between beloved personalities and their supporters.

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