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DICT Declares No Extension for SIM Card Registration Deadline

dict declares no extension for sim card registration deadline

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The DICT has announced that there will be no extension for the SIM registration deadline, which falls on April 26, despite an appeal from three telcos to extend the period as provided under Republic Act 11934 or the SIM Registration Act.

“However, at this point, there is no extension of SIM registration,” the DICT said in a statement.

“With the April 26 registration deadline drawing near, we encourage everyone to register to promote the responsible use of SIMs and provide law enforcement agencies the necessary tools to crack down on perpetrators who use SIMs for their crimes, consistent with the declared policy of the law,” it added.

The DICT has urged the public to register their SIMs to improve national security and curb fraudulent activities. Failure to register will result in SIM deactivation, preventing users from sending and receiving calls and text messages, as well as accessing mobile applications and digital wallets. 

The SIM Registration Act prioritizes the fundamental rights of Filipinos and includes safeguards to ensure the confidentiality and security of user data.

Previously, the three PTEs — Smart Communications, Inc., Globe Telecom, Inc., and DITO Telecommunity Corp. – requested the extension of the SIM registration deadline for at least 120 days. The call came after they noticed that about half of the subscribers nationwide had not yet registered.

Data from the DICT showed that only 73.03 million, or 43.2 percent of the 168.98 million subscribers nationwide, have registered.

Of the total SIMs registered, 36.11 million are Smart subscribers, 31.59 million are from Globe, while DITO recorded 5.33 million.

The DICT has affirmed its commitment to working with telcos to ensure safe and secure mobile phone services through the holistic implementation of the SIM Registration Law. – WhatALife!/Jayve

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