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Civil Service Exam Reviewer with Answer Keys (2024)

civil service exam reviewer with answer keys 2024

The Civil Service Examination is one of the most taken tests here in the Philippines. The exam has two types: Professional and Sub-Professional. The Civil Service Commission administers both levels through the Paper and Pencil Test. We compiled a downloadable CSC Civil Service Exam Reviewers with Answer Keys (2024) for you in pdf.

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What is the Civil Service Exam?

The Career Service Examination, commonly known as the Civil Service Exam, is what the Philippine government uses to screen and select prospective civil servants in the country.

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) creates and administers the exam to determine which applicants are fit for a government job.

If you want to pursue a career in government service, passing the civil service exam is a REQUIREMENT. 

Types of Civil Service Exams

In the Philippines, there are two types of civil service exams:

  • Professional Civil Service Exam
  • Sub-Professional Civil Service Exam

Passers of the exam for the professional civil service level may be accepted for both clerical (first-level) and technical, executive, or managerial (second-level) positions in the government.

However, those who pass the exam at the sub-professional civil service level may only be hired for clerical or first-level government employment. 

Civil Service Exam Coverage

The Civil Service Exam is similar to the scope of college entrance exams.

Given in English and Filipino, the examination covers the following subjects for both professional and sub-professional levels:

Numerical Reasoning:

  • Basic Operations
  • Word Problems

Verbal Reasoning:

  • Vocabulary (i.e. synonyms, antonyms, etc.)
  • Grammar and Correct Usage
  • Paragraph Organization
  • Reading Comprehension

For the Professional Level, the exam also includes the following:

Analytical Ability:

  • Word Association
  • Identifying Assumptions and Conclusions
  • Logic
  • Data Interpretation
  • On the other hand, the Sub-Professional Level will also include these areas:

Clerical Ability:

  • Filing
  • Spelling

In addition to the above, the Civil Service Exam also covers general information items such as the following:

  • The Philippine Constitution
  • Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees (R.A. 6713)
  • Peace and Human Rights Issues and Concepts 
  • Environment Management and Protection

Civil Service Exam Passing Rate

In order to pass the Civil Service Exam, you need to get an exam score of at least 80%.

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