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Derek Ramsay in a Promotional Video with Chris Hemsworth for Extraction 2

derek ramsay in a promotional video with chris hemsworth for extraction 2

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Derek Ramsay shares a promotional video of Chris Hemsworth’s Netflix movie, “Extraction 2,” on social media.

The video that was posted on Ramay’s Instagram shows a clip of Ramsay and Chris Hemsworth capturing a criminal. 

The video starts with Ramsay chasing the criminal who tried to escape after realizing Ramsay was a police officer. 

The criminal ran to the elevator and tried to enter a random room in what seemed to be a hotel. Unfortunately, the criminal runs into the room of Chris Hemsworth and gets captured.

Ramsay then enters the room and answers Chris Hemsworth saying, “pulis ako.” Hemsworth then fist bumps Ramsay after handing over the criminal.

Ramsay captions his post by saying, “I didn’t know @chrishemsworth understands Tagalog.”

“Pleasure working with you and @netflixph, Extraction 2 is now on Netflix.”

Aside from Extraction 2, Chris Hemsworth is globally known for his role as Thor from the Marvel cinematic movie franchise. In contrast, Ramsay was known as a chiseled blue, black, and yellow costume of a Filipino superhero called Kidlat. 

Ramsay even posted a picture of Kidlat and Thor’s fist bumping as they did in the video clip promoting Extraction 2 and captioned it with, “Thor meets Kidlat!”

Ramsay said it was an honor to be part of the movie’s Manila premier and a bigger honor working with Chris Hemsworth on the promotional video. 

“Thank you for coming to our country and making so many people happy last night. It was great to meet you,” Ramsay posted to Chris Hemsworth on Instagram.

With Ramsay being in a promotional video with Chris Hemsworth for Extraction 2, there may be a possibility that he could be in the next movie, Extraction 3, with the film already showing its diverse races and nationalities in the cast of the movie. – WhatALife!/Zain

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