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Dominic Roque denies allegations made by Cristy Fermin

Dominic Roque denies allegations made by Cristy Fermin

Actor Dominic Roque has issued a formal statement denying allegations made by entertainment columnist Cristy Fermin in recent vlogs. 

The statement, issued by his attorneys at Fernandez & Singson Law Offices, commenced with openly saying, “We strongly condemn the malicious and defamatory public statements of Ms. Fermin.”

Fermin had asserted that Roque was residing in a condo unit that belonged to a politician. And allegedly, other men were supporting him financially. He also addressed the issue of whether he and his ex-girlfriend Bea Alonzo had disagreements regarding a prenuptial agreement.

Roque has denied all of these claims, calling them “malicious and defamatory.” He clarified that he leases the condo unit in question and that he has no romantic relationships with any politicians. 

He also stated that his separation from Alonzo was a mutual decision and that there were no disagreements over a prenup.

“Reckless statements relating to the alleged disagreement over a prenuptial agreement between them are not only unverified but merely based on speculations intended to produce a negative image for the parties concerned,” he added in the official statement.

Roque’s statement comes amid a wave of celebrity breakups in the Philippines. 

It is unclear what motivated Fermin to make these allegations against Roque. 

Some have speculated that it is part of a wider trend of gossip and speculation surrounding the lives of celebrities. Others have suggested that it may be a personal vendetta against Roque.

Whatever the reason, Roque’s denial is likely to put an end to the rumors. 

It remains to be seen whether Fermin will retract her statements or if she will face any consequences for making false accusations.

Earlier this month, Boy Abunda revealed Bea and Dominic’s breakup. They later acknowledged the split in a joint Instagram message.

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