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Darren Espanto confesses to ‘puppy love’ relationship with Kyline Alcantara

darren espanto confesses to puppy love relationship with kyline alcantara

In a recent “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda” appearance, Filipino singer Darren Espanto revealed details about his past romantic involvement with Kapuso actress Kyline Alcantara. 

The admission came in response to questions from the show’s host, Boy Abunda, regarding the relationship between Darren and Kyline.

During the interview, Boy Abunda asked Darren about the rumors and teasing surrounding his connection with Alcantara. 

Darren Espanto hesitated to give a straightforward answer but eventually acknowledged that there was indeed a romantic connection between them in the past, describing it as “puppy love.”

“Hindi ko po masagot ng yes or no kasi it was, like, parang puppy love kind of thing lang po ‘yon,” Darren shared when pressed by Abunda.

Although Darren Espanto remained vague about their relationship, he confirmed that they were romantically involved when they were younger. 

He also disclosed that Vice Ganda, one of the hosts of “It’s Showtime,” was aware of their past relationship, which led to playful teasing from the comedian towards Darren and Kyline.

“‘Yun nga po na tinutukso kami na. Kasi nga, naging kami dati. Ayun po, kaya kami binibiro ni Ate Vice,” Espanto explained, referring to the light-hearted banter on the popular television show.

When questioned about the duration of their relationship, Darren estimated it lasted for about a year, noting that their familiarity with each other contributed to their comfort level.

“Like a year, I think. Kaya po kami very comfortable.” Darren remarked.

Darren Espanto’s candid revelation about his past romance with Alcantara has sparked curiosity among fans, who have been intrigued by the rumored connection between the two stars. 

While Darren and Kyline have moved on from their previous relationship, the revelation provides insight into their lives outside their respective careers in the entertainment industry.

Meanwhile, Alcantara has not commented publicly on Espanto’s revelations, leaving fans to speculate about her perspective on their past relationship.

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