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Daniel Padilla reveals plans for travel and exploration beyond entertainment

Daniel Padilla reveals plans for travel and exploration beyond entertainment

Kapamilya heartthrob Daniel Padilla recently shared his aspirations for the upcoming year, highlighting his eagerness to explore ventures beyond the realms of showbiz and travelling back to Vietnam. 

Alongside his ongoing music and film projects, Daniel expressed a blooming interest in travel, particularly highlighting his longing to revisit Vietnam.

In a candid conversation with ABS-CBN’s MJ Felipe, Daniel unveiled his multifaceted plans, stating, “Ang dami kong gagawin sa labas ng industriya. I’m very excited… Parang nagkaroon ako ng love sa traveling ngayon.” (I have a lot of plans outside the industry. I’m very excited… It’s like I’ve developed a love for traveling now.)

When probed about his dream destination, Daniel nostalgically reminisced about Vietnam, sharing, “Parang gusto kong bumalik ng Vietnam… kasi nu’ng last akong nandoon, I enjoyed it very much. Nandoon ‘yung bestfriend ko, si Seth.” (I kind of want to go back to Vietnam… because the last time I was there, I enjoyed it very much. My best friend, Seth, is there.)

However, Daniel’s affinity for Vietnam sparked recollections of previous speculations surrounding his alleged romantic involvement with a Vietnamese individual, Minh Phuo. Despite being implicated in Daniel’s rumored breakup with Kathryn Bernardo, Minh clarified the nature of their interaction, debunking any romantic affiliations.

Minh disclosed, “Since last year, I have received a lot of messages from fans and supporters of Daniel Padilla, a famous actor in the Philippines. It is known that Daniel visited Vietnam last year with his friends. Prior to his visit to my country, I had never met him.”

She further elucidated, “My brother owns the bar that Daniel went to. He told me that Daniel was there and I could say hi to him because I know he is a famous actor. I saw Daniel and his friends in the bar, exchanged a few words, and then I went back home with my sister. That is the end of my interaction with him.”

As Daniel’s plans for exploration and personal growth unfold, fans eagerly await updates on his endeavors, anticipating further glimpses into the life of the versatile artist beyond the limelight.


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