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Boss Toyo shares  how challenges transformed his life

boss toyo shares how challenges transformed his life

In a recent vlog released by Host/Actress Toni Gonzaga, Boss Toyo, the man behind Pinoy Pawn Stars, shares the challenges he faced and how his unwavering will to transform his life ultimately led to his success.

Boss Toyo was 13 when he discovered that he was adopted. By that time, he started to rebel against his adoptive parents and ended up using different kinds of drugs at a young age.

The vlogger shares that he only finished Grade 6 and tried to enter highschool but only ended up getting kicked out because of being a troublemaker.

“Actually, nung lumaki na ako dun ko na naisip na sobrang perwisyo yung nagawa ko sa kanila,” Toyo said referring to his adoptive parents.

Alam mo kung anong na feel mo? Yung feeling ng rejection, na hindi mo na process kaya nag rebelde ka. Yan yung sinasabi nila nung 80’s and 90’s yung ‘Rebel without a cause’,” Toni said.

Hindi mo alam kung anong dahilan pero gusto mo mag rebelde, pero ang deep root nun yung feeling na unwanted, feeling mo na pinamigay ka, bakit hindi ba ako ka mahal mahal?, bakit ako pinamigay, bakit hindi ako tinanggap ng sarili kung magulang, pero at 13 hindi mo na proseso lahat yun,” Toni added. 

Boss Toyo admitted that he was filled with questions without answers during those days.

Dun ko nakuha yung ano, yung comfort zone ko kasama ang mga friends, pag nafe feel welcome ako dito, pero pagdating mo na yung na realize ko na nag bago na ako, dapat hindi pa kasi mahal na mahal ako ng mga kumupkop sa akin, sobrang pasasalamat ko sa kanila.” 

When asked about his biological parents, Toyo shared that he found his mother and siblings but he never met his biological father. 

In 2009, he had depression because he was deeply in love with a woman that he nearly committed suicide when they broke up. 

Because of the constant use of vices and bad influences, Boss Toyo was sent him into a rehabilitation center at Bicutan at the age 18. 

He was 24 when he recovered from drugs; however, he became alcoholic and a war freak, saying that he experienced having to steal from a bakery and snatch other people’s belongings because he had no money.

Akala mo tama yung mali eh, kasi ginagawa na nang lahat eh, tingin mo tama na yun kahit alam mo na mali to ah,” he said.

Toyo also shared that his children were also one of the factors that made him change because he doesn’t want his children to experience what he had experienced before.

Toyo highlighted that it was his surrounding environment that made him successful in life. He was surrounded with business men that helped him become one of them. 

Toni stated that it is God who will give everything to us but, it is our decision to make our lives better. 

When he was asked how he overcame negativity in Social Media, Toyo answered that he is turning all the negativity into positivity, he remains strong and he never let other people’s opinion affect him. Toyo also showed gratitude to her wife for being with him in times when he had nothing.

Watch the full video below:


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