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Sweatfest 2019 Highlights: ‘Only stop when you’re done’

On August 17, CrossFit Kagayan launched Sweatfest, an annual celebration for fitness and CrossFit community gathering, held at Xavier Estates Sports and Country Club. Gathering around CrossFit patrons from CrossFit Kagayan, CrossFit Madayaw (Davao), CrossFit Cranium (Davao), Fuerza (Zamboanga), Hunter Fitness Gym (Amai Manabilang, Lanao del Sur), and an independent athlete from Valencia, Bukidnon, this one-day event places 45 athletes’ agility and stamina, as well as their determination and perseverance to test. Sweatfest 2019 made possible in collaboration with Fit ‘n Right Active Isotonic Drink, Play Hard Equipment, WodX Philippines, and Mossy Cup 2019. Also, with the help from some of the CrossFit community who volunteered as staff and judges. Contenders were divided into three divisions, namely, Rookies, Newbies, and the OGs (aged 35 and up).   Here are the highlights during this one-day CrossFit community event:

Event One | Obstacle Course Racing

The obstacle course starts with one round run.
Immediately followed by bear net crawl and sled pull (with weights 90lbs for the males and 70lbs for the females).
As soon as the sled crosses over the yellow line, athletes would then sprint and climb over the wall. Failure to do so, there will be a 3-burpee penalty.
Before they reach the next obstacle, athletes must first jump over these huge tires.
Each athlete must pick and toss a medball over his shoulder in 10 repetitions.
Athletes must traverse through this long, narrowed log without touching the ground. If falls, they must redo the log run from the start.
Cone sprints
Completing the course are two monkey bars. Athletes must traverse across without touching the ground. Failure to do so will have a 10-burpee penalty.
The remaining events took place inside the gym.

Event Two | Devil’s Play

Staying true to its name, this round composes of four power-draining workouts: 8 devil’s press, 50ft overhead walking lunge, and 20 hanging knee raises with an amrap of 7 minutes.  

Event Three | Flippin Tired

Pun intended ’cause this workout surely is flippin’ tiring! In this round, athletes must complete 100 single unders, 30 Russian kettlebell swings, and 20 tire flip burpees within a 5-minute time cap.   In the middle of the championship round, an ice breaker took place, challenging the audience, judges, and staff to an amrap (as many rounds as possible) burpees. BUT here’s the twist! Each challenger must bottoms up a bottle of beer before executing the burpees.
The Beer Burpee Challenge
Chug! Chug!

Event Four | Championship

To complete this event, the athletes must finish a 3-round challenge within a 10-minute cap. The workout for this round includes 10 wall-ball shots, 10 medball toss, each round with a 10 – 8 – 6 burpee to plate.
Emcees for today’s event: Maxine Monasterio-Mejia & Daniel Mejia

Awarding Ceremony

Left to right: 3rd placer, 1st placer, 2nd placer
Rookie Athlete Winners: (2nd) Janice G., (1st) Mae Alabata, & (3rd) Karina Gambito
Rookie Athlete Winners: (2nd) Josef Abao, (1st) Tom Capinpuyan, & (3rd) Ched Becoy
Newbie Athlete Winners: (2nd) Rafael Getueza, (1st) Kevin Tanudra, & (3rd) King Concepcion
Newbie Athlete Winners: (2nd) Kirsty Mercado, (1st) Kath LLorente, & (3rd) Abi Limbonhai
OG Athlete Winners: (2nd) Sugar Tan, (1st) Sharmaine Carino, & (3rd) Belle Capinpuyan
OG Athlete Winners: (2nd) Ben Borja, (1st) Marco Culala, & (3rd) Gelo German
  For CrossFit Kagayan patrons awardees
Left to right: Abi Limbonhai, Kirsty Mercado, & Xandra Hontiveros
Left to right: King Concepcion, Rafael Getueza, & Marco Culala
Sweatfest 2019 Athletes
— Join the CrossFit community now and we’ll see you next Sweatfest!

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