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CHED mandates in-person classes starting the second semester

ched in person class second semester

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — CHED has announced the complete implementation of face-to-face classes starting the second semester of AY 2022-2023. In addition, the new mandate prohibits complete distance education and allows hybrid learning.

According to a recent directive from the CHED (Commission on Higher Education), Philippine colleges and universities won’t be able to implement complete distance learning beyond the second semester of the Academic Year 2022-2023.

HEIs (Higher education institutions) are only permitted to provide their degree programs through fully in-person classes or hybrid learning, according to CHED Memorandum Order No. 16, dated November 11, signed by Prospero de Vera III, the chair of CHED.

The CHED order states that colleges and universities cannot offer their degree programs in full distance learning, including online modality.

CHED mandates HEIs offering degree programs devote “at least 50% of the total contact time” through hybrid learning to onsite learning or in-person instruction.

“For example, for a three-unit course which requires at least 54 contact hours, 27 hours should be spent on a physical learning facility such as a classroom, laboratory, and other related learning spaces,” it explained.

Teachers can deliver the remaining contact time through distance learning modalities like synchronous/asynchronous learning sessions, self-paced printed or online learning modules, and remote-guided peer learning approaches.

The commission also mandates laboratory or shop courses with on-the-job training, and apprenticeship programs shall also be conducted predominantly through onsite learning experiences.

Open Distance Learning Act

According to the Open Distance Learning Act, also known as Republic Act No. 10650, and other associated regulations, HEIs planning to run graduate and undergraduate programs via distance learning must first obtain the CHED’s approval.

Additionally, it said that organizations wishing to use transnational education must also be approved by CHED.

Due to COVID-19, in-person classes were restricted in the Philippines in the early 2020s, forcing institutions to switch to distance learning. However, since 2021, schools and institutions have gradually returned to the conventional classroom design. – WhatALife!/Zed

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