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Changing of Seasons: The End of Daylight Saving Time in 2023

changing of seasons the end of daylight saving time in 2023

Filipinos might not experience much difference in changing seasons or times with only wet and dry seasons. However, countries with winter, spring, summer, and fall can notice the seasons’ differences. According to Britannica, Daylight savings time (DST) is the term for “uniformly advancing clocks, so as to extend daylight hours during conventional waking time in the summer months. In the countries in the Northern Hemisphere, clocks are usually set ahead one hour late in March or in April and are set back one hour in late September or in October. So, just when is the end of daylight saving time in 2023?

Daylight saving time for 2023 has just recently ended yesterday, November 5. For countries affected by this change in time, citizens are advised to reset their clocks an hour ahead. DST is a practice set in affected countries to help residents maximize daylight. At the end of DST in 2023, participating countries transition back into standard time.

The phrase “fall back” has been coined by participating nations as they continue to transition into standard time. The phrase was formulated as these countries experience fall and take an hour extra hour in a day as they reset their clocks. 

One might ask, “When will daylight savings end?” The answer, to be exact, would be at two in the morning on the date mentioned above. On the other hand, daylight saving time is set to start again next year on March 10.

There have been multiple perspectives on daylight saving time. A bill has been passed in the United States Senate called the “Sunshine Protection Act” last year. This bill makes DST a permanent practice. The bill was successfully passed in the Senate but unfortunately did not go through in the United States House of Representatives, leading it not to be signed by United States President Joe Biden.

However, only some United States territories will experience the end of DST 2023. Not following daylight saving time is because not all states participate in the practice. Areas like Hawaii and Arizona do not follow DST due to their respective climates.

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