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Cagayan de Oro list of ‘Special Ayuda’ beneficiaries


Cagayan de Oro City began distributing the ‘Special Ayuda’ to city residents affected by the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) classification. 

This Special Ayuda is a cash aid allotted by the national government through the Department of Social Welfare and Development to areas under ECQ. Each resident can receive up to P1,000, with a maximum of P4,000 per family.

Based on the profiling, the city has nearly 192,000 family beneficiaries. See the list below for the links to the official list of beneficiaries of the ECQ Special Ayuda in Cagayan de Oro City. 

Simply click the name of your respective barangay to access the list. Note: If the name of your barangay is not on the list, it means the City Hall is yet to upload the list of beneficiaries. Visit https://cdo.cagayandeoro.gov.ph/index.php/dswd-aics.html to see up-to-date uploads.

See below the Hotlines of Barangay Grievance Committee for ECQ Special Ayuda for any concerns on the cash payout.

List of Cagayan de Oro Special Ayuda Beneficiaries

Barangay 1

Barangay 2

Barangay 3

Barangay 4

Barangay 5

Barangay 6

Barangay 7

Barangay 8

Barangay 9

Barangay 10

Barangay 11

Barangay 12

Barangay 13

Barangay 14

Barangay 15

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Barangay 16

Barangay 17

Barangay 18

Barangay 19

Barangay 20

Barangay 21

Barangay 22

Barangay 23

Barangay 24

Barangay 25

Barangay 26

Barangay 27

Barangay 28

Barangay 29

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Barangay 30

Barangay 31

Barangay 32

Barangay 33

Barangay 34

Barangay 35

Barangay 36

Barangay 37

Barangay 38

Barangay 39

Barangay 40

Barangay Agusan

Barangay Baikingon

Barangay Balubal

Barangay Balulang

Barangay Bayabas

Barangay Bayanga

Barangay Besigan

Barangay Bonbon

Barangay Bugo

Barangay Bulua

Barangay Gusa

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Barangay Camaman-an

Barangay Canitoan

Barangay Consolacion

Barangay Cugman

Barangay Dansolihon

Barangay F.S. Catanico

Barangay Indahag

Barangay Iponan

Barangay Kauswagan

Barangay Lapasan

Barangay Lumbia

Barangay Macasandig

Barangay Mambuaya

Barangay Nazareth

Barangay Pagalungan

Barangay Pagatpat

Barangay Patag

Barangay Pigsag-an

Barangay Puerto

Barangay Puntod

Barangay San Simon

Barangay Tablon

Barangay Taglimao

Barangay Tagpangi

Barangay Tignapoloan

Barangay Tuburan

Barangay Tumpagon

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For questions and concerns, contact DSWD 10 at the following hotline numbers below (TEXT ONLY):

  • 09531424000
  • 09609021205
  • 09700349617

Kindly follow the text format:

  • Full Name:
  • Barangay:
  • Complete Address:
  • Contact No:
  • Concern (reklamo):

Barangay Grievance Committee for ECQ Special Ayuda Text

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