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WATCH: BTS drops ‘Butter’ music video


Smooth like butter, like a criminal undercover

Global K-pop sensation BTS dropped the highly-anticipated official music video for their latest English-language single “Butter” on Friday, May 21.

As posted by Genius, “‘Butter’ is a dance-pop song with lyrics confessions of sweet romantic love. The fun and witty lyrics brimming with positive and bright energy will instantly uplift moods.”

It continued, “The track uniquely shows each of the BTS’ member’s charms as they show how smooth and at times charismatic, they can be. The song is dubbed as a summer anthem credited to its distinctive baseline and crisp synth sounds, ready to melt the listener’s heart.”

The upbeat, fun track’s music video is brimming with color and energy, featuring RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook showing off bold, new looks and their signature dance moves, with clips of buttery, syrupy pancakes, mug shots, and charismatic elevator snippets in between (Rappler, 2021).

As of writing, the “Butter” MV has over 44 million views, just 5 hours after its premier on YouTube.

The group released their album BE in November 2020. Their first full-English track “Dynamite” has been breaking worldwide records since its release in August 2020.

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