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Broadcaster and Journalist Mario Damaual Passes Away at 64

broadcaster and journalist mario damaual passes away at 64

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Mario Dumaual, a famous broadcaster, and journalist, has recently passed away at 64 years old. 

It was confirmed on Wednesday that his death was announced through a social media post on his official Facebook account. 

According to the post, the cause of death was septic shock. He was confined in the Philippines Heart Center for a month, fighting against a serious fungal infection, another problem in his recovery from a heart attack. 

“Papa was strong, he kept fighting on, overcoming the heart attack then a cardiac arrest. He would always say he wanted to go home because he missed us, his family. But the infection overwhelmed his body’s ability to recover,” the family posted on social media.

“What comforts us is he knew that we were always with him, waiting for him, and that home was wherever he felt our love,” the family added. 

“We also made it a point to let him know how loved he was by his friends in the industry and even kind strangers who have been offering prayers and help for his recovery.”

Online journalist Miguel Dumaual also asked for prayers for his father suffering from a heart attack. 

The family announced the wake of Mario Dumaual. The journalist and broadcaster’s wake will begin on July 6, Thursday, at 2 PM until Sunday afternoon, July 9, at the Loyola Memorial Chapels in Commonwealth, Quezon City. – WhatALife!/Zain

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