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Young “boy in the ref” rescued in Baybay City, Leyte

boy in ref rescued in baybay city leyte

BAYBAY CITY, LEYTE — Northern Leyte shared the story of a boy (now dubbed “boy in the ref”) who was rescued from inside a damaged refrigerator in a post on Saturday.

According to the fire station, the boy’s first words upon seeing the rescuers were, “Gutom ko Kuya (I’m hungry, kuya.).”

The rescuers were dragging a refrigerator with the tiny boy inside, as can be seen in the video. During the rescue operation, the child was placed inside the refrigerator as rescuers were looking for victims.

“Kinsa imo kuyog kuya? (Who are you with, Kuya?)” SFO2 Romulo G. Mascarinas, an organic personnel in Baybay City fire station, questioned the boy as they handed him water.

“Ako na lang, wala na koy kauban. (I’m the only one left, I’m not with anyone.),” the child replied.

According to the boy’s guardian, Juanito Orellano Jr., a police officer discovered the injured child. During the operation, the rescuers let the child stay in the refrigerator before transporting him to the hospital for immediate medical assistance.

Due to his unlikely but fortunate journey to safety, the child has since been dubbed as “boy in the ref.”

Baybay City was hit by flash floods brought by tropical depression Agaton in the past days. 

Over 172 people died as a result of major flooding and landslides caused by the Tropical Storm.  Eight people have been injured, while 110 people are still missing, according to the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC). – WhatALife! 

Source: (Baybay City Fire Station – Northern Leyte), (Philippine Coast Guard)

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