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Blackpink notices Andrea Brillantes’ ‘promposal’ to boyfriend Ricci Rivero

blackpink helps andrea brillantes with promposal to boyfriend ricci rivero

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — It was certainly a memorable night for Kapamilya actress Andrea Brillantes as her placard was noticed by the K-pop global sensation Blackpink asking her boyfriend Ricci Rivero to be her date for the upcoming Star Magic prom on March 30.

On Sunday, March 26, the K-pop girl group kicked off their two-night concert in the Philippines at the Philippine Arena, Bulacan. 

The young CEO of Lucky Beauty, Brillantes, and the basketball star Rivero were two of the thousands of Filo Blinks who watched the second night of Blackpink’s concert.

Andrea’s banner was first spotted by Blackpink’s main vocalist Rosé during the portion of the show where they talk to fans and give their messages. 

“Please go to prom with that girl,” said Rosé, who then read the sign, “Just want to ask Ricci Rivero, will you go to prom with Andrea?” 

The “Kadenang Ginto” star received a nodding ‘yes’ and a hug from her boyfriend as a response to her invitation.

The main dancer and lead rapper, Lisa, then extended her warmest congratulations to the two stars.

The two-night show marks the girl group’s third visit to the Philippines.

Andrea Brillantes reacts to comments about promposal

After the fun night and successful ‘promposal’ of Andrea Brillantes to her boyfriend Ricci Rivero, netizens throw mixed reactions and comments on social media. 

One that caught her attention is this basher’s comment saying, “Baliktad na pala ngayon panahon. Babae na nagyaya [laughing emoji].”

Andrea responded in the comment section and explained why she asked her boyfriend to be her date at the Star Magic prom.

She began, “It’s for #StarMagicalProm so yes, ako po talaga dapat dahil ako po ang yung artist ng Star Magic [smiling emoji],

“Also, it’s high time we stop shaming girls for making the first move even [in] other instances,” she added.

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Brillantes, who recently launched her own makeup line Lucky Beauty, is a certified BLINK as she expressed her love for her idols on multiple occasions. –WhatALife!/Charles

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