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Black Clover Chapter 356: Yuno’s New Spell Counters Lucius’ Time Magic in Epic Showdown”

black clover chapter 356 spoilers

TOKYO, JAPAN — The Black Clover manga series has entered its climactic final war for the fate of the Clover Kingdom in its final arc. Mangaka Yuki Tabata has set the Black Clover fandom ablaze with excitement with the release of chapter 356, which sees the powerful Magic Knight Yuno gain a new spell. 

In the previous chapter, the entire Clover Kingdom was under siege when Lucius cast a powerful spell. Yuno used his Star Magic to stop the strike alone since the other Magic Knights were all too astonished to react. Yuno and Lucius’ duel was formed after William, who had been watching Yuno’s development, elected to make him the Golden Dawn’s captain.

Black Clover’s latest string of chapters capped off Asta’s final training arc, and Lucius Zogratis is now attacking the Clover Kingdom with the full force of his power. But while the Magic Knights are struggling against Lucius’ angels.

Yuno’s new spell has proven to be a game-changer in the ongoing Judgment Day war, where Lucius and his army of guardian angels have been wreaking havoc. With Yuno’s incredible strength and this new spell, the Magic Knights finally have a fighting chance against the overwhelming power of the Paladins.

Moreover, the latest chapter has unveiled a new and powerful form of Sylph the Wind Spirit, which reflects Yuno’s immense growth and strength. The wind spirit has been an integral part of Yuno’s magical arsenal and has been instrumental in his battles. With this new form, the Magic Knight has become even stronger, and his enemies are in for a tough fight.

Black Clover chapter 356 demonstrated how powerful Yuno has grown, largely as a result of his brand-new spell Neverland. Yuno has demonstrated some respectable defensive and attribute-boosting spells, but he hasn’t yet shown any assault spells that may completely turn the course of the conflict with Lucius Zogratis. Moreover, Asta has not yet arrived on the battlefield, making it unlikely that Yuno will be able to defeat Lucius. – WhatALife!/Jayve

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