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BINI breaks record as first female P-Pop with most Spotify monthly listeners

bini breaks record as first female p pop with most spotify monthly listeners

BINI, the rising Filipino pop sensation, has achieved a remarkable milestone by becoming the Filipino pop group with the highest monthly listeners on Spotify, amassing a staggering 1.4 million listeners on the platform. This landmark accomplishment marks BINI as the first Filipino female group to reach this feat.

The achievement follows the release of their highly anticipated diary-inspired EP titled “Talaarawan,” which premiered on March 8. 

The EP quickly soared to the top of the iTunes Philippines albums chart, while its tracks dominated the top 10 of the iTunes Philippines songs chart. 

The standout track, “Salamin, Salamin,” claimed the coveted top spot on the chart.

On Spotify, “Salamin, Salamin” has surpassed one million streams, contributing to the EP’s overall success of garnering more than 14 million streams in less than two weeks. 

The track also secured a spot on the top 200 of Spotify Philippines Daily Songs Chart and was featured on Radar Philippines and OPM Rising playlists.

Meanwhile, BINI’s recent hit single, “Pantropiko,” continues to captivate audiences, reaching impressive milestones such as peaking at number 23 on Spotify Philippines Daily Songs Chart and number 32 on Spotify Global Viral Chart, with a remarkable 9.8 million streams. 

Additionally, BINI climbed to number 34 on Spotify Philippines Daily Top Artists, solidifying their position as the highest-charting pop group in the country.

Experience the invigorating energy of BINI’s “Talaarawan,” now available on various digital streaming platforms. 

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BINI’s unprecedented success on Spotify underscores their growing influence and popularity in the Philippine music scene, signaling a bright future for the talented girl group.

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