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Bianca Umali vaccinated, citing concern for her family


Bianca Umali joined the ranks of vaxxed citizens upon her vaccination last Monday, August 16.

Bianca Umali announced her vaccination in an Instagram post. The caption read: “FULLY vaccinated.” Additionally, the post’s tags? #ProtektadoAngBakunado, #CancelCovid, and #Sinovaxed. 

She received her first dose of the vaccine in June along with Ruru Madrid. Madrid, rumored to be Bianca’s boyfriend, hasn’t yet announced if he got his second dose.

The Banal star’s main reason for getting her shot? Her loved ones. Bianca shared in an online interview the day after her shot:

“I felt like COVID-19 was getting near me. That’s what pushed me to think it’s time. It’s not just for my safety but more for the safety of other people,” Bianca explained in Taglish. 

Before her vaccination, Bianca had already experienced 14-day quarantines thrice. This was due to being in close contact with people who had tested positive for the virus. Yet, she was always concerned about the health of her family over of her own.

“What if I didn’t know that I was exposed? What if I wasn’t told that I was a close contact? I won’t go to quarantine, engage with my family and friends. I’m also not vaccinated [then] so most probably, I would have it. I would even bring it to my family.”

The Legal Wives star then stated that she had to be “1,000% sure” that she was clear of the virus before seeing her family, especially her beloved grandmother.

Bianca Umali is an A4 priority worker. So are Sharon Cuneta, Iya Villania, and husband-and-wife duo Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera.

According to the DOH, The A4 Priority Group refer to “the frontline personnel in essential sectors, both public and private, including uniformed personnel.” The group includes government workers. It also includes private-sector workers who are physically present at their workplaces. Currently, the vaccine rollout for A4 workers is ongoing.


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