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BGYO ‘Mahal Na Kita’ soundtrack featured on Spotify’s ‘Tatak Pinoy’ Playlist

bgyo mahal na kita on spotify tatak pinoy playlist

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — BGYO, formerly known as the SHA boys or Star Hunt Academy boys, is a five-member Filipino boy group that is behind the ‘Bola Bola’ original soundtrack entitled, ‘Mahal Na Kita,’ a song that made its way to Spotify’s playlist called ‘Tatak Pinoy.’

The official Twitter account of the group shared this announcement recently,

The group name also made it to the top trending topic on Twitter with the hashtag “BGYO” as one of its members, Gelo celebrates its 21st birthday.

The group’s account on Twitter also shared this special moment by greeting him with a solo picture with the caption, 

#BGYO | Happy 21st birthday, @BGYO_Gelo!”

The popular P-pop group recently participated in the PPOPCON 2022 together with other well-known groups in the country such as SB19, BINI, MNL48, Press Hit Play, 1st.One, Alamat, 4th Impact, KAIA, and VXON.

In addition to their achievement, the team up with their sibling group, BINI, for their collaboration song entitled, ‘Up’ was a success with their official music video and Spotify track already having more than 155,000 views and streams.

The team-up track composed by SAB, Angela Ken, Trisha Denise, Lian Kyla, and producer Jonathan Manalo features the battle cry of dreamers, as both sibling groups worked hard to realize their aspirations. The sentiments of the group were captured in the song’s lyrics which say, “Di ka susukuan, ika’y ipaglalaban… (I will not give you up, I’ll fight for you).”

The video also shows both groups’ continuous fight to achieve greater heights and make their respective marks in the P-pop industry and international scene. – WhatALife!

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