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Bea Alonzo, Dominic Roque’s wedding plans on hold due to busy schedules

bea alonzo dominic roques wedding plans on hold due to busy schedules

MANILA, PHILIPPINES  – Bea Alonzo mentioned that she and fiance Dominic Roque haven’t made extensive preparations for their forthcoming wedding, despite her earlier statement confirming that it would “definitely” happen this year.

During the launch of OPPO’s Reno11 Series 5G, Bea Alonzo provided an update on their wedding preparations, stating, “Wala pa, wala pa. Sorry, wala pa.” 

When asked about the guest list for the ceremony, she replied, “Alam mo, wala pa talaga so I can’t tell you anything just yet.” 

The actress explained that both she and her fiance, Dominic Roque, have busy schedules at the moment. She mentioned starting a teleserye and having undisclosed projects scheduled for the year.

Bea opted to keep details under wraps, reiterating, “Wala pa talaga kaya wala akong ma-share.”

Bea underscored the significance of equality in a relationship, stating, “I think it’s a two-way relationship. Hindi lang dapat lalaki [ang may effort]. We are pushing for equality. So equality means yung effort equal [equal effort]. In our relationship, there’s no one making more effort than the other.”

“I’ll tell you kapag meron na akong idea. Right now, wala pa,” Bea said.

In a vlog from September 2023, Bea Alonzo expressed her intention to tie the knot with Dominic in 2024. The couple got engaged in Quezon City in July 2023. Although Bea has opted to keep wedding details private, Dominic has indicated their active participation in preparations and mentioned inviting Kathryn Bernardo, while excluding Daniel Padilla.

“The wedding is happening outside Metro Manila, the guest list is not yet complete, but our best friends, families, and relatives are going to be there. Next week, we’ll go full swing with the planning,” Dominic shared in an interview.

The actor noted that many of their friends are lending a hand in organizing and preparing for the wedding, simplifying the process for the couple.

‘Sometimes, she gets annoyed with me because she feels like I’m not too involved, but every woman has a dream wedding, and Bea has one. We’re just thankful that a lot of our friends are involved in this. It’s her dream [wedding], so I’m giving it to her; we’re doing it together,” Dominic said.

Talent manager Ogie Diaz, citing information from our interview, stated on his YouTube channel that, based on a trustworthy source, Bea and Dominic have ended their relationship.


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