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Want to get away for the weekend? Visit floating cottages in Laguindingan


Want to escape the four walls of your house and go into the vast blue ocean? Visit Balsa sa Laguindingan, a perfect weekend getaway for you and your family members while practising physical distancing (because literally, you’ll have an ocean distance away from other people).

Local tourists have been flocking to the blue waters of Laguindingan lately because of these floating cottages.

You can reach the balsa in two directions: 1) follow the new concrete Ayala Road from Laguindingan Airport and 2) access via Alubijid boardwalk.

If you opt for the first direction, follow the Ayala Road (Habini Bay) from Laguindingan Airport towards the old Port of Moog (Pantalan). Vehicles can be parked along the road outside the pantalan.

Screenshot via Google Earth

On the other hand, the road along the Alubijid boardwalk may be rough, but it has a reserved parking space inside a fenced property. 

The golden sun blooming across the horizon.

You will have to hop into at least one bangka for you to reach the floating cottages.

Floating cottages in the distance.

A balsa or floating cottage can accommodate up to 30 persons. Most balsa is equipped with tables and benches, a cooking/grilling area, a changing area, and a mini pool. Obviously, there is no restroom on board, so I recommend doing the deed in advance. 

All guests will be given life vests, and if you’re wondering about the food & drinks corkages, there is none.

The bangka slicing through the blue waters as the cool sea breeze brushes through.
We hopped over a bangka twice to reach our rented balsa from Alubijid boardwalk.

Before I forget, as per local policy, all guests will be responsible for keeping their trash. Transparent trash bags will be given upon entry at the port, with some asking for a garbage deposit around PHP150. To claim back the deposit, guests have to bring the trash bag back to the port for proper disposal.

The sun creeps behind a balsa, also known as a floating cottage.

Rent fees range from PHP2,000 to PHP3,500, depending on the size and the owner of the balsa, as well as the available time slot.

Most floating cottages can accommodate up to 20 persons.
Master your balance on this stand-up paddle board—or you can just sit like my younger sister did.

Rent a stand-up paddleboard for PHP200 per hour, or kayak for PHP250 per hour.

Paddling through the calm waters on a kayak.

Due to the pandemic, guests will have to book ahead. Walk-ins are highly discouraged.

Best time to visit is between 5 AM to 10 AM.

Best time to visit is in the morning, especially if you don’t want to worry about getting a sunburn. There are fewer tourists too since not all float cottages offer an early slot. PLUS, you can enjoy the magnificent view of the sunrise along with the cool sea breeze.

Not sure what balsa sa Laguindingan to choose? We listed below some of the floating cottage owners below. Check out their Facebook pages!

Don’t forget to follow the minimum health standard and don’t leave your trash in the ocean! Have a great weekend!

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