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Ayala Corp Fights Back Against Defamatory Tweets Through Legal Actions

ayala corp fights back against defamatory tweets through legal actions

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Ayala Corp. (AC), is retaliating against a relentless barrage of defamatory tweets.

AC successfully exposed the shadowy troll and found the identity of the user. Ronald Jason J. Ramos hid behind the Twitter handle @Boeing7779X, who tainted the conglomerate’s reputation and hinted at negative sentiments against it. 

AC had solid proof on the case and prompted the Makati Regional Trial Court to issue an arrest warrant on Ramos for cyber libel. 

Ramos was under the name of @Boeing7779X, sending a series of tweets and retweets, propagating damaging lies, allegations against AC’s financial support for the New People’s Army, and spreading fake news in the Philippines. The claims that Ramos shared were labeled as a significant threat to the company’s image, causing them to take legal action. 

AC had the option of ignoring the claims of a random user on Twitter, but they saw an opportunity to set a presage and send a message to those ill-intentioned individuals who hide behind screens and tainting the name of a company. 

Ramons agreed to a civil settlement with AC to avoid incarceration. He apologized for his actions, as it was part of the agreement, with his penance being advertised in newspapers and websites.

Ramos gave a statement urging social media users to stay away from posting lies, fake news, and misinformation, being an example for other users that the things they say and the actions they do will carry severe legal consequences. – WhatALife!/Zain

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