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Andrea Brillantes at the Center of Speculations Behind KathNiel Breakup

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MANILA, Philippines – After Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla confirmed their breakup yesterday on Instagram, fans only have one thing in mind, what could be the reason behind KathNiel’s breakup?

Minutes after Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla took to social media confirming their breakup, young actress Andrea Brillantes immediately trend on X.

Rumors had been circulating online that the “Senior High” star was the cause of the split of Kathryn and Daniel.

The actress became headlines after Bernardo unfollowed her on Instagram earlier this month and rumors quickly spread throughout different social media platforms. 

Brillantes was suspected to be the third party behind the split of the “KathNiel” love team after showbiz writer Ogie Diaz linked the “Senior High” star to the singer-actor on his “Ogie Diaz Showbiz Update” vlog last Nov. 8.

Meanwhile, in Kathryn’s instagram post, the actress emphasized that their connection was genuine and not influenced by external factors like cameras, fans, or the success of their love team.

She expressed that she’s “well aware of the rumors and speculations going around”. However, the actress neither clarify nor denied about the involvement of Andrea with their breakup. 

Many fans and netizens are now asking what was KathNiel’s reason for breaking up, many different sides of the break up story have been circulating in social media, but neither of it was confirmed by both sides. 

To recall, Cristy Fermin observed Kathryn’s transformation in her movies that gave her the idea that the break up was real. However, just like the other people, Fermin expressed her hope that the couple would eventually get through this phase and come back together.

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