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Alex, Toni and Mommy Pinty Reunite for Spaghetti cook-off

alex toni and mommy pinty reunite for spaghetti cook off

In her recent vlog, Actress/Vlogger Alex Gonzaga creates her own version of Spaghetti in a competition against her sister Toni Gonzaga and Mommy Pinty.

In the vlog entitled “Spaghetti War Gone Wrong”, she was joined by her mother and sister, with special participation of her husband Mikee Morada, Daddy Bonoy and their uncle Jojo.

The vlog started with a snippet of Alex pranking Toni, letting her taste a “salty” version of her spaghetti sauce which prompted a negative reaction from Toni.

“Catherine, hindi nakakatawa”, Toni said after tasting the sauce. 

The snippet also reveals the trio crying because of Alex getting annoyed by the two not wanting to be with her in the vlog.

Towards the middle, It can be seen that Alex got upset when Toni, Mommy Pinty and husband Mikee had negative feedback about her spaghetti. She was also left alone cooking and acting as if she’s fine.

“Kasi dapat kasama kayong tatlo, ‘di ba noong nag spaghetti ka kasama tayong lahat? Pati ang ate kasama,” Alex told Mommy Pinty. 

“Naiinis ako sa inyo, kanina sabi ko sa inyo pumunta kayu dito.” She said while crying.

“Ano bayan prank ba ‘yan?” Asked by Toni.

“Hindi, sabi ko sa inyo pumunta kayo dito ayusin natin spaghetti scene na ito. Ito naman si mama ang arte.” Alex replied.

The cook-off concluded with them including husband Mikee, Daddy Bonoy and uncle Jojo having a ‘Spaghetti Taste Test” and giving feedback for each of their recipes.

“Ako yung nanalo kasi mainit yung akin”, Alex said sarcastically. 

Toni describes each of their recipes having similar tastes to Filipino food Menudo, Giniling, and Kaldereta.

“Yung isa lasang Menudo, yung isa lasang Giniling, yung isa lasang Kaldereta.”

Meanwhile, when Alex became the evident loser, she couldn’t help but add a few touches to her recipe saying it was her masterpiece to which Toni responded with a foul face implying that nothing changed.

“Napressure ako sa kanila, ulitin na lang natin to”, Alex said. 

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