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Alex Gonzaga claiming pregnancy this year

alex gonzaga claiming pregnancy this year

Popular content creator Alex Gonzaga revealed in her Instagram Broadcast Channel her determination to try for a baby again with her husband, Mikee Morada. 

The celebrity shared insights into her journey, highlighting her proactive approach to preparing her body for pregnancy.

On Tuesday, the content creator provided an update on her Broadcast Channel. Alex Gonzaga mentioned visiting an immunology doctor for a check-up

“Came from my immunology doctor,” she messaged. 

“Prepping my body for pregnancy!” she added. “Claiming it this year.”

This announcement comes after Alex Gonzaga’s disclosure last year about suffering her second miscarriage, following her first experience in October 2021. 

In a subsequent interview with her sister, Toni Gonzaga, Alex shared that their second attempt at pregnancy involved in vitro fertilization (IVF) after experiencing a miscarriage.

Despite the emotional challenges of sharing her motherhood journey, Alex Gonzaga expressed gratitude for the support she received from aspiring mothers who had gone through similar experiences. 

She acknowledged that the kind words and encouragement from others provided comfort and strength, fostering a sense of unity among those facing similar struggles.

In a heartfelt message, Gonzaga conveyed hope for the future, stating, “One day, and by God’s grace and infinite goodness, we will have our rainbow baby.” 

“It is never easy because it brings back all the pain and feelings of loss,” Alex said.

Alex Gonzaga, who tied the knot with Mikee Morada in November 2020, has become an influential figure by openly sharing her journey towards parenthood.

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