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Alden Richards talks about his current relationship with Kathryn Bernardo

Kathyrn and Alden

Alden Richards, known as Asia’s Multimedia Star, recently shared insights into his current relationship with his former co-star, Kathryn Bernardo. 

The actor openly expressed his admiration for Bernardo’s recent achievements and bold decisions in both her personal life and showbiz career. 

“Nakakatuwa na I’m really seeing her parang coming out of her shell, kita mo sa kanya eh. It manifests. The photos and videos that we see and the projects that she has been doing really say a lot about her state of mind right now,” he said.

And the condition of her life right now, she deserves that,” Alden Richards remarked during an interview with ABS-CBN, highlighting how Kathryn Bernardo’s projects and public appearances.

The award-winning Kapuso superstar also touched on the continuity of their friendship, which has seemingly grown stronger since their collaboration on “Hello, Love, Goodbye.” 

“Nakakamusta naman natin siya and at the same time naman, yung friendship never naman nawala ever since.” he shared.

The film, which is among the highest-grossing Filipino films of all time, showcased the lives of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in Hong Kong, resonating with many viewers and earnings.

Fans of the film have been requesting a sequel, hoping to see more of Ethan and Joy’s story unfold.

In a recent interview, Alden Richards expressed his willingness to clear his schedule for a potential sequel, highlighting his commitment to the story and his character, Ethan. 

“Yun lang naman po ang hinihingi ng Filipino audience eh, is something worth watching. So let’s give them that. Let’s not deprive the Filipino audience of the things that we are capable of doing,” he stated, indicating his readiness to dive back into the lives of Ethan and Joy.

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