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Abraham Lawyer, Michelle Dee’s half-brother makes his debut in Philippine Television 

abraham lawyer michelle dees half brother makes his debut in philippine television

MANILA, Philippines – Half brother of actress-beauty queen Michelle Marquez Dee, Abraham Lawyer, makes his debut in Philippine Television. 

Abraham “Abe” Lawyer, is a 20 year old model, youngest son of beauty queen Melanie Marquez with American and ranch owner husband Randy “Adam” Lawyer. 

Abe was first noticed in El Salvador with her mom Melanie Marquez giving flags and banners rooting for Michelle Dee for the Miss Universe 2023 competition. 


Michelle Dee younger brother

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After returning from the Miss Universe 2023 competition in El Salvador, Michelle Dee sat for an interview with Nelson Canlas. Her half-brother joined the interview as well and talked about how proud he is with his sister. 

“We had a great time. Honestly, the travel and the people were so kind. Seeing my sister flying stars is just something that I’ll never forget,” Abe told Nelson in an interview.

Aside from modeling since he was younger , Abe is also a professional tennis player who has competed in local and international tournaments.

He’s been called a “tennis heartthrob” by GMA in 2019, after photos of him competing in international and national tennis tournaments circulated widely.

Abe also served as a missionary in Chile for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, finishing his mission just in time to head back to America where he is completing a Marketing course and to support Michelle at Miss Universe 2023 in El Salvador.

In 2020, Abraham was one of the models for the campaign with Filipino fashion brand Bench, where the photoshoot was conducted at their Utah family ranch. 

Michelle was the guest for the November 27 episode of “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda” and Abe made a brief appearance toward the show’s end, joining his sister on her couch. 

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