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Aboitiz College Scholarship Program SY 2022-2023 now OPEN


The Aboitiz Foundation is open for another set of scholars for the school year 2022-2023. Find out more about the Aboitiz College Scholarship Program below:

What is the Aboitiz College Scholarship Program?

The Aboitiz College Scholarship Program is one of the projects of Aboitiz Foundation, the corporate foundation of Aboitiz Group. Its scholarship program has helped 3,522 scholars so far and currently supports 35 977 scholars.

The program is open to graduating STEM or business-major Senior High School students turning into freshmen college students for SY 2022-2023.

Benefits of the Aboitiz College Scholarship Program

The scholarship program of the foundation has a comprehensive benefits package. These are listed below:

  • Full tuition fee coverage;
  • Monthly allowance;
  • Book requirements;
  • Transportation needs and;
  • Board review fees for degrees that require board exams after graduation.

What are the qualifications?

Candidates for the Aboitiz College Scholarship Program SY 2022-2023 must meet the following requirements before applying:

  • A full-time incoming freshman of an eligible college or university
  • Pursue a degree identified by Aboitiz Foundation;
  • Attain a general weighted average (GWA) of at least 88% with no failing and incomplete grades;
  • Not have a record of any form of disciplinary action; and
  • Accomplish the application form and submit the requirements on or before June 11, 2022.

What are the degrees supported by the Aboitiz Foundation?

The following are the degrees identified by the foundation as applicable for the scholarship:

  • Accounting
  • Business/Management/Finance
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Communication or Social Sciences (Psychology, Economics, and Political Science)

How to apply for the Aboitiz College Scholarship Program?

The application can be made online through their official scholarship application portal.

What are the requirements?

  • Grade 12 Report Card reflecting your first semester grades (First and Second Quarter) or second-semester grades, whichever is available;
  • Recommendation Letter from the School Principal;
  • Proof of awards and extracurricular involvement.

When is the deadline?

The deadline for application ends on June 11, 2022. Applicants must submit the requirements and complete the online form on or before the deadline.

Is there a screening and selection process?

YES. All applications will be reviewed by the Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. Shortlisted applicants will first undergo a panel interview conducted by the foundation. Those who pass the interview will take an exam conducted by a third-party provider. Successful applicants will then be informed via phone or email.


Applicants are required to fully disclose if they have any active scholarships or are pursuing other scholarships.

The foundation does not allow scholars to enjoy other forms of scholarship within the group or external other than the Academic Scholarship offered by the school the scholar is enrolled in.

Those who choose other scholarships other than the one offered by the Aboitiz Foundation, Inc.’s Scholarship Program will be disqualified.

For more information about the Aboitiz Foundation, Inc.’s Scholarship Program, you may refer to their official website https://aboitizfoundation.org/.

Good luck! – WhatALife!

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