Home A young girl, 12, is viciously beaten up outside a busy McDonald

A young girl, 12, is viciously beaten up outside a busy McDonald

a young girl 12 is viciously beaten up outside a busy mcdonald

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND – A young girl was viciously beaten up by a 14-year-old girl outside a McDonald’s restaurant in Auckland.

The young victim was with three school friends at the McDonald’s Glenfield restaurant in Auckland on Saturday. According to the victim’s sister, Rein Crystal, the group ate and laughed, which two girls from another table mistook as being directed toward them.

‘One of the girls approached the table, demanding an apology from my sister, assuming they had been mocking her,’ Crystal told the NZ Herald. When the victim and her friends finished eating and left the restaurant, they realized the same two girls were following them. The pair demanded an apology from the group before allegedly attacking Crystal’s sister.

‘They kicked her in the leg and pinned her to the ground before repeatedly kicking her in the face and forehead, causing her to bleed,’ Crystal said. She claimed her sister had apologized, but the girls continued assaulting her ‘because she had no means of defending herself.’

After the incident, the victim called her mother in tears. Her mother could tell something was seriously wrong. She then told the publication that her ‘hands were shaking and she ‘felt nervous’ in her stomach. When the victim’s family arrived at the scene, they found her bleeding heavily. She was rushed to the White Cross Hospital and treated for the wounds.

Crystal said her sister is ‘currently okay’, but her face is still injured and swollen. The victim’s family just moved to New Zealand from the Philippines in August last year. Crystal said her family had never experienced such violence in the Philippines.

‘I don’t know if this is a safe place because this is the first time this has happened to our family,’ she said.

The family are now hoping the suspects will be identified so they could finally arrange a conversation with them and their parents’. Police have since charged the 14-year old girl over the alleged assault. She is due to face North Shore District Court on Tuesday charged with injuries with intent to injure.

Prime Minister Chris Hipkins described the attack as horrific, completely unacceptable, and maintained that New Zealand was a ‘safe country’. He recalled seeing the photos released of the girl in blood-soaked clothes at White Cross Hospital after the attack.

‘I can say, as a parent, that every parent would be heartbroken by that photo,’ he said.

Meanwhile, a GoFundMe page for the victim has been set up here– WhatALife!/Val

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