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BINI and KAIA are on MsMojo’s playlist of international girl groups

bini and kaia are on msmojos playlist of international girl groups

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – P-pop girl groups BINI and KAIA are part of MsMojo’s ‘international girl groups to add to your playlist’ list.

P-pop or Pinoy Pop refers to contemporary pop music in the Philippines originating from OPM(Original Pinoy Music). It has its roots in the 1970s, but a rise of local idol groups and a new generation of solo artists began in the 2020s. 

These young Filipinas are great epitomes of empowered Filipinas as they take over the music scene with their unique musical elements. Recently, MsMojo, a sister channel of Canada-based pop culture platform WatchMojo, added P-pop girl groups BINI and KAIA to their list of “international girl groups to add to your playlist.”

MsMojo placed BINI in the fourth spot, while KAIA was named one of the honorable mentions, as seen through its Youtube channel on Wednesday, June 14.

In the video, BINI was recognized as an “unabashedly fun and feminine” unit that’s “leading a brand-new generation” of Filipina girl groups.

“Drawing on their identity as modern Filipinas, the group backs up their cheery smiles with incredible talent and an inspirational message. After their impressive success, it looks like the group is headed toward a brighter future,” MsMojo’s video said.

Meanwhile, KAIA was described as a “young P-pop girl group with a powerful style.”

Other artists included in the list are XG, Angel22, NiziU, Boys World, Bella Dose, Dolla, FLO, and K-pop girl groups Fifty Fifty, Le Sserafim, and NewJeans, which ranked first on the video.

BINI was formed by ABS-CBN’s Star Magic, and debuted in June 2021 with their single “Born To Win.” The group consists of eight members: Aiah, Colet, Maloi, Gwen, Stacey, Mikha, Jhoanna, and Sheena. Their hit songs include “Da Coconut Nut,” “Lagi,” and “Na, Na, Na.”

On the other hand, KAIA was formed by ShowBT Philippines in April 2022. The group comprises Angela, Alexa, Sophia, Charice, and Charlotte. Some of their songs include “Blah Blah,’ “Dalawa,” and their debut song “Kaya.” – WhatALife!/Val

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